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Medicare Advantage Plans 2017 in Connecticut

Now that the Medicare open enrollment period for 2017 is about to begin, you might be looking into your various options for coverage for next year. You could be having a hard time choosing between a Medigap Part C plan, another type of Medicare supplement coverage or a Medicare Advantage plan, so you might want to do a comparison of all of your options.

Luckily, knowing a little bit about each option will help. Then, you will be able to get answers in an instant on our website by selecting “Connecticut” from our drop-down menu with your mouse. You will then be taken straight to a page with all of your coverage options as a senior in Connecticut, which will obviously make shopping for coverage a breeze.

Medicare Supplement Insurance: What You Should Know

One option that you might have done some research about is Medicare supplement coverage, such as Medicare Part C. If this is the choice that you opt for, then you should know that you will still be considered a Medicare patient. The insurance company that you choose, however, will be your secondary insurer.

This secondary insurance is helpful because it allows you to get the most out of Medicare without having to pay for it all. You might qualify for prescription drug coverage, for example. You also won’t be responsible for paying all of the same deductibles and co-pays that you are expected to pay now.

However, unlike with Medicare, you will have to pay a monthly premium; this is unlike original Medicare, which requires no monthly premium. If you are looking for a different zero monthly premium option, you will need to look into Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage Coverage in 2017 and Beyond

If you are interested in this type of coverage, your best bet is to compare Medicare Advantage plans to find the one that is right for you. You will have the option to choose between high-deductible, low-deductible and no-deductible private insurance plans.

With Advantage coverage, you are no longer a Medicare patient at all. Instead, the things that original Medicare would typically cover will be covered by your private insurer. However, your insurance company will likely cover other things, and you will have more control over your deductibles based on how much you want to pay each month as a premium.

Before you sign up for this type of coverage in 2017, however, you should know that Medicare Advantage has changed since the Affordable Care Act was implemented. You will now probably fall under an HMO plan that requires referrals and care within the insurance company’s network. As long as you choose an insurer that offers a broad network, however, this should not be a big problem once you get used to it.

Other Seniors from Connecticut Have Found Affordable Coverage

Seniors from all over the state, including these major cities, have all found affordable coverage by using our handy tool:

  • Bridgeport
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Stamford
  • North Stamford
  • Waterbury

These are some of the top companies with the lowest rates:

If you are ready to find coverage and want to ensure that you find the best value, select “Connecticut” from our list of states. Once you click forward, you will instantly see all of your coverage options in seconds for 2017. Then, you can find the number one choice for you without having to do all of the shopping around yourself.