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Medicare Advantage Plans 2016 in New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey, you have probably noticed how costly healthcare can be. This is especially true if you are a senior citizen who has a limited income. Although you probably have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you could be looking for Medigap Part C coverage for 2016. You might even be interested in an Advantage plan.

Luckily, right now is the right time to be shopping so that you will be prepared for the open enrollment period. We have provided a short synopsis of what your different options are. Plus, if you want to do a comparison of rates, you can do that here on our site easily. Just do as many other seniors from New Jersey have done, and select “New Jersey” from the list of states on our drop-down menu. As soon as you click the button, a page with all of your options will be revealed. Then, you can easily compare options and choose the more affordable and best coverage choice for you.

Medigap Coverage

If you have ever heard of Medicare Part C, you have heard of Medicare supplement insurance. This is a type of private insurance coverage that goes along with your original Medicare coverage. After Medicare has paid for its part, your private insurer will step in and cover the rest. This drastically minimizes what you will have to shell out in the form of a deductible or co-payment.

Medicare Advantage

Although some seniors do prefer sticking with original Medicare and having help through a Medicare supplement policy, there is one choice that you might find to be even more appealing: Medicare Advantage coverage in 2016.

If you decide that this is the right type of policy for you, you will be able to gain coverage through a separate insurance company. Some options are PPOs, but this is changing fast due to Obamacare-related changes.

Nowadays, many of these plans are in the form of an HMO. This means you will be restricted as far as seeing different doctors, but most seniors in New Jersey don’t mind much as long as they compare Medicare Advantage plans and choose a policy that includes a huge network.

New Jerseyans from Across the State are Finding Coverage

Our helpful coverage quote tool has helped many seniors from New Jersey before, including individuals from these major cities:

  • Elizabeth
  • Edison
  • Paterson
  • Jersey City
  • Newark

You do not have to live in one of these cities in order to use our tool, however. It does not matter where you live in New Jersey, whether you are on the coast or not. Just take a look at your many choices after selecting your state from our drop-down list, and you are sure to find the lowest rates and the best coverage, regardless of your budget or what your healthcare-related needs might be.

Our Favorite Providers for New Jerseyans

For your convenience, we have researched the many coverage options for seniors in New Jersey. Even though there are a lot of top providers out there, we definitely have a few that we are partial to. These are some of our favorites:


No Monthly Premium and More

From zero monthly premium coverage to other types of policies, we can help you find what you are looking for. Again, just find “New Jersey” on the drop-down list of states. Then, you’ll be able to compare plans and find the perfect one for your healthcare in 2016 and beyond.