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Burial Costs – Planning Ahead

Most individuals through their life experiences have become leery of the sales process, whether they’re buying a car, purchasing a burial insurance policy, renovating their house, or simply buying a pair of jeans at the mall. We all have experienced the pressure from a salesman. The typical human response is to either avoid the process or prepare yourself in advance for how to handle the situation.

There is one subject, however, that most people never consider preparing for. Unfortunately, funeral or burial costs is a subject that none of us can avoid. We often overlook or ignore this subject simply because none of us want to talk about death. If these decisions are left to those we leave behind, it can become a very emotional process. Purchasing decisions made during emotional times typically lead to a more expensive outcome.

You can eliminate this problem by being involved in planning your own funeral. It may not be a comfortable process. However, you can start by researching funeral homes in your area and setting up appointments with the directors. When preparing for these meetings, approach it as you would any other sales process. Here are four tips to use when preparing for meetings with funeral home directors.

The first tip is to know your budget before entering the meeting. If you set realistic parameters ahead of time, it will prevent you from overspending at time of purchase. This may seem like a basic concept, but it is an important key to prevent yourself from overspending.

The second tip is to not be enticed by the sizzle. Most sales professionals are trained to focus on the sizzle, not the steak. This means that they are attempting to gain a higher sale by pushing features. Oftentimes these features are things that aren’t even needed or desired.

For instance, all coffins are not the same. You may be shocked at all of the bells and whistles that can be added for the comfort of a deceased individual. You can add features like air conditioning or music that continually plays. Though these features might be on someone’s must-have list, most of us are satisfied with an attractive stained wood coffin.

Another money saving tip when preparing for a meeting is to not go alone. Two minds are better than one in most situations, this being one of them. Having another set of eyes and ears with your best interests in mind will prevent you from overspending or being upsold through the process.

The last tip is to not be afraid to walk away. If at any time during the process you begin to feel pressure, it’s your right to leave. This funeral home or director is most likely not the only facility in your area. You should be comfortable with the funeral home and director you select. Keep in mind this is your funeral service, planned around your wishes, and nobody understands what you want more than you do.

Hopefully, these tips will motivate you to be involved in the process of planning your funeral service. The more thought you put into the process, the more potential you have to save money as you enter the planning meeting.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information regarding senior life insurance plans, feel free to speak with one of our agents by calling 888-414-4547. Not only can we answer your questions, but we can also provide information on senior life insurance to assist in paying for your burial costs. Our insurance professionals are licensed in most states. Let us know how we can help.