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ING Burial Insurance

Cheap senior life insurance isn’t always easy to find, but that doesn’t mean that coverage isn’t important. Having a burial policy in place helps ensure that your final expenses will be covered at the time of your death, and it can take a major load off of your loved ones’ shoulders. We work with top-rated companies like ING burial insurance and many more. One highly-rated company that we work with is ING Life Insurance Company, and you might find that its ING UltimAssure Whole Life policy is just what you are seeking for yourself or your elderly parents.

ING Burial Insurance Types

ING offers burial insurance for seniors through three different types of policies:

Level Burial Insurance

The full face value amount of coverage is available from the first day that your policy becomes active.

Graded Burial Insurance

With this policy, 30 percent of the policy’s face value will be paid to your beneficiary if death occurs during the first year. During the second year, 70 percent of the face value will be paid. During and after year three, the entire value of the policy will be made available to your beneficiary at the time of death.

Modified Burial Insurance

During the first two years that the policy is in effect, 100 percent of all premiums paid in will be made available to your beneficiary, plus a 10 percent interest rate will be paid as well. The full face value of the policy is made available during year three and beyond.

Advantages of Purchasing ING Burial Insurance UltimAssure Whole Life

There are quite a few good reasons to look for quotes from ING for final expense insurance for seniors:

  • ING has an A.M. Best rating of an A.
  • You will be provided with lifetime coverage, so you never have to worry about your policy lapsing as long as you pay your premiums.
  • Your premiums will be set for life, so they will never go up, even as you age or if you experience various health-related issues.
  • The application process is streamlined, so you can get a decision in minutes.
  • There is no medical exam required.

How to Find ING Burial Insurance Coverage Online

If you are looking for a burial policy through ING or another top-rated company, we can help. You can find cheap quotes for senior life insurance online by entering your ZIP code into the field at the top of the page, and you can always count on us to help with all of your life insurance needs.