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AARP Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018

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If you plan to compare Medicare Advantage plans, you will almost certainly include AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2018 on your list. United Healthcare, or UHC, actually underwrites and manages both Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. With this partnership, UHC has attracted the most Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plan members out of any other single insurer.

Naturally, many retired people will notice 2018 AARP Medicare Advantage plans because they admire AARP. This non-profit organization has been around for decades. In that time, AARP has earned a reputation for offering discounts and for supporting worthy causes that focus on the health of seniors and the community.

Of course, AARP and United Healthcare have also earned a good reputation for promoting a variety of quality Medicare supplement products that appeal to many different types of people. If you want a 2018 Medicare Advantage plan with zero premium, Medicare Supplement plan F, or anything in between, AARP can probably offer it to you.

How to Find 2018 AARP Medicare Advantage Plans Online

Insurers don’t offer the same programs in each county. Also, premium rates, deductibles, and other details may vary by location. Even if you already have a plan, you should make sure you know about changes that might include doctors on the network or the way that prescriptions are covered. We’ve provided quick and handy quotes online for years to help people drill down to the offers they can choose in their local area.

To get started, you just need to select your home state from the quote box on this page. After you click the submit button, you will instantly see top insurance providers that are standing by to offer you free quotes and other information. If you have more questions about 2018 AARP Medicare Advantage plans, AARP Medicare supplement plans 2018, or even AARP drug plans; you can also find a toll-free phone number that you can use to contact a licensed agent.

The Popularity of AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2018

According to a recent survey by Kaiser, these are some figures about nationwide market shares for a variety of insurers that provide Medicare Advantage:

  1. AARP/United Healthcare: 20 percent
  2. Humana: 19 percent
  3. Aetna: 7 percent
  4. Anthem (Blue Cross): 3 percent
  5. Cigna: 3 percent
  6. All others: 48 percent

It’s likely that UHC will hold onto their high ranking for 2018 AARP Medicare Advantage plans. Also, it’s also probable that 2018 AARP Medicare supplement plans will attract about half of all supplement owners. With that written, it’s also important to realize that this share can vary a lot by individual markets.

That isn’t intended to convince anybody that Untied Healthcare is always the best choice for their own needs. In some areas, another large insurer or even a small, regional insurer may offer better rates or coverage for you. You can’t expect to find the same options in Texas as you do in Wisconsin. Your choices will even vary between Houston and Dallas. That’s why it is so helpful to use our quote system; we offer you customized results.

These are some examples of market shares that AARP and UHC have in different states for Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Arizona: In Arizona, UHC has about 37 percent of the market.
  • California: In California, UHC has about 16 percent of the market.
  • Florida: In Florida, UHC has attracted about 22 percent of MA members, but Humana is more popular.
  • New York: In New York, UCH has about 20 percent of the market.
  • Texas: About one out of three Texans chose UHC in the past.

What to Know About AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2018

In some places, you may be able to make a choice between two or more different AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2018. This section will offer you some highlights of different options that you may be able to choose between.

Medicare Complete: For example, United Healthcare markets a brand that they call Medicare Complete. The idea behind this Medicare Advantage plan is that members will get an all-in-one solution that will help them manage both medical and prescription costs. The plans bundle both medical coverage and a prescription drug plan together. In some areas, these plans have no monthly premium.

In addition to offering low co-pays for most medical services and Part D prescription coverage, members may also get additional benefits. These may include hearing, dental, and vision benefits, membership to a fitness plan like Silver Sneakers, and other health-related perks.

You may find more than one kind of 2018 AARP Medicare Advantage plans that are marketed under this brand. This overview briefly discusses your likely choices:

  • HMO: If you want a zero premium, you’ll be most likely to find it with an HMO. These will be the most common kind of AARP Medicare Advantage plans for 2018 because they usually keep costs lowest for insurers and plan members.
  • PPO: In some areas, United Healthcare and AARP may offer PPOs. They usually cost a bit more, but they will cover medical services that you get outside of the plan network. You’ll still pay less if you choose network doctors.
  • Regional PPO: Since UHC is such a large, nationwide company, they have affiliated networks all over the country. If you plan to travel around the United States, a national or regional PPO can offer you more flexibility than more restrictive 2018 Medicare Advantage plan networks.


AARP Medicare supplement plans 2018: Industry watchers expect about half of supplement owners to choose 2018 Medicare supplement plans. Typically, people will purchase a supplement from one well-known brand over another because premiums are cheaper. That is because supplements are all standardized for the government, so you only need to compare to companies by price. AARP already has plenty of name recognition, and they must do a good job of pricing their supplements too.

In general, about 20 percent of Medicare recipients may decide to enroll in a supplement instead of Medicare Advantage plans for 2018. Naturally, many senior citizens and disabled people are attracted to Medicare Advantage because of the cheaper premiums, included Part D, modest co-pays for many services, and value-added benefits.

Still, some people aren’t satisfied with network restrictions and the possibility of having to pay for deductibles and coinsurance. These folks would prefer to pay more for one of the most robust 2018 AARP Medicare supplement plans, like Plan F or Plan C, and then enjoy access to just about any medical providers that accept Medicare. It’s worth noting that Plan F and Plan C cost the most out of the other supplements, but they are also sold the most. If you aren’t sure if you should include Medicare supplements in your comparison of Medicare insurance, you might discuss you own individual budget and medical requirements with an experienced insurance agent.

AARP Part D for 2018

Medicare supplement plans were initially designed to focus on helping people with costs for things that Part A and B cover. Original Medicare only rarely covers prescription drugs. The prescriptions that it might cover tend to be those you get inside of a hospital or specialized clinic. You still need a prescription drug plan to cover any prescriptions that you will routinely pick up at the pharmacy.

As you compare 2018 Medicare Advantage plans, you will notice that AARP bundles prescription coverage into must of them. Supplements never do this, so you will have to purchase another prescription drug plan. You can buy this from AARP or any other insurer. In some cases, it might be convenient to purchase your prescription coverage from the same company that you buy your medical insurance from; however, you may find that another insurer offers a better option for your unique needs.

For some people, it’s best to have the possibility to shop for both kinds of coverage separately so that a supplement might offer a better choice. If you already have prescription coverage, you should look for changes every year. You won’t want to find that the medication that you rely upon isn’t covered the same way after it is too late to switch.

We Can Help You Learn More About 2018 AARP Medicare Advantage Plans Online

We want to help you save time. We also want to help you save money on both your premiums and your medical and prescription costs. To do this, it’s important to stay updated about changes to various 2018 Medicare Advantage plans from AARP, and this is true if you’re entirely new to Medicare or simply want to browse possible replacement plans.

AARP offers many popular Medicare supplement plans and Advantage plans. In some cases, they may be able to help you manage your medical costs better than another insurer. If this isn’t true, we also offer competitive plans and quotes from other insurers in your city or town.

You are welcome to use our online quote system 24/7 to view a listing of local providers that has been customized just for you. If you have more questions about your unique situation, you can also use the toll-free phone number to contact a qualified agent. Over the past years, we have helped many Medicare beneficiaries zero in on the right plans for them, and we believe we can also help you.

Please Note: We are not AARP, this is a general outline of our opinion on their plans.