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Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018

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Even though there are dozens of private companies that market these plans, just about half of all enrollment comes from the top insurers. This includes Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2018.

Your own best choice for new 2018 replacement plans may depend on your medical condition, preferences, and simply how you would prefer to access doctors. Insurance companies don’t market in every country. They also don’t offer the same plans everywhere that they are active.

Get fast, personalized comparisons of Medicare insurance: You can find your own state in the quote box to run a customized comparison of local providers within seconds. We can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplements, and even prescription plans.

Updates for Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2018

These are some quick facts about Aetna and 2018 Aetna Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Share of new Medicare Advantage plans for 2018: 19 percent
  • Aetna’s total health insurance client base: 47 million
  • Types of Medicare insurance Aetna offers: PPO, HMO, special needs plans, Aetna Medicare supplements, Part D

It’s interesting to note that the number of new 2018 Aetna Medicare Advantage plans is only second to United Healthcare, traditionally the largest Medicare insurance company in the country. For years, United Healthcare was way ahead of other insurers, and then companies like Blue Cross, Humana, and Aetna occupied a second tier. For 2018, United Healthcare will introduce 24 percent of the new plans. As Aetna plans to enter 19 percent, it seems clear that they hope to catch up quickly.

According to Kaiser, Blue Cross affiliates will offer eight percent of new plans, and then Humana and WellCare follow in fourth and fifth place. than doesn’t mean that you should only consider the major players; however, in some cases, the largest companies have the tools, experience, and financial standing to offer more competitive, stable, and quality plans. You can find some very good local or regional insurance companies, but they tend to enter and leave the market more often.

Types of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2018

Depending upon your location, you may see a handful of different kinds of 2018 Aetna Medicare Advantage plans. This short overview will help you understand these options as you compare Medicare Advantage plans for yourself:

  • Aetna HMO plans: Overall, this is the most popular kind of Medicare Advantage plan in the United States at the moment, but it’s not the most popular in all states. If you find a plan with no monthly premium, it will probably be this kind because HMOs do a good job of controlling costs. They also have the most restrictive rules about almost always only covering medical services from a provider within the network.
  • Aetna Regional PPO: In many areas, Aetna tends to be one of the main providers of these somewhat more expensive and less restrictive plans. They use a network, but the network may extend to an entire region or in some cases, even nationally. Since Aetna is a nationwide company, they have a large network.
  • Aetna PPO: This kind of plan may be less expensive than the ones that allow access to a regional network because they restrict the network to a smaller or more local group. Rates should be lower than for a regional PPOs, so this might be a good compromise if you want the choice to leave the network for covered services but still have a strong network to rely upon locally.
  • Aetna Special needs plans: You might see some on marked as SNP, and this usually indicates that they are special needs plans for people in nursing homes or similar facilities. Aetna also has contracts to work with the government to provide plans for on who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, and this is common with nursing home residents.

The best choice for your Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2018 may depend upon your own medical needs, finances, and overall preferences. Nationwide, people tend to accept more restrictive network rules in urban areas where they have more choices of doctors, hospitals, and so on. In more rural areas, people may choose a less restrictive plan or even forgo Medicare Advantage in favor of a Medicare supplement.

Of course, seniors with higher incomes may also gravitate towards a regional PPO or a supplement. When senior citizens have some room in their budgets, they don’t tend to mind spending more upon healthcare in order to enjoy access to more healthcare providers and relieve themselves of worries about only finding doctors inside of a network.

On the other hand, the more restrictive plans have become increasingly popular as many members need to control their medical costs. Certainly, plans with a zero premium are very attractive to seniors on fixed incomes, and they may offer excellent access to convenient doctors in some areas.

Are 2018 Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans the Best Choice for Everybody?

If you spend any time studying enrollments for different kinds of Medicare insurance, you will see how the figures vary in different states and even within different counties. Besides Part C, Aetna also markets Medicare supplements plans.

These two kinds of plans don’t work the same:

  • Medicare Advantage: This kind of Medicare insurance replaces Original Medicare with benefits that are as good as or better then Part A and B. Most 2018 Aetna Medicare Advantage plans will also include Part D for drug coverage. Besides that, they often offer extra perks. These might include health club memberships, like Silver Sneakers, and discounts on hearing, dental, and vision services. That vast majority of these plans use a network to help control expenses for members and insurance companies.
  • Aetna Medicare supplements: These are all standardized and meant to work with Original Medicare to pay the deductibles, copays, and coinsurance that Part A and B have. They won’t include Part D, but they also don’t common use a network. One freedom you can enjoy with Medicare supplement insurance is the ability to use your extra medical insurance just about anywhere in the country.

Fast Comparisons of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2018

Lots of people tend to chose Aetna because of competitive rates or even because they were already familiar with Aetna health insurance from their jobs or private health insurance plans. Aetna is one of the largest providers of group and individual policies for people who aren’t on Medicare.

Even though the company was considered one of the smaller of the biggest Medicare Advantage companies in the past, they are aggressively adding new plans and becoming increasingly competitive with United Healthcare and other large health insurance companies.

You can compare Medicare Advantage plans in your local area within minutes. Get started by finding your home state in the drop-down list inside of the quote box. After that, you will see a convenient listing of top local providers. If you click any of these local offers, you can learn more about Aetna and other top insurers. Those of you who prefer other kinds of Medicare insurance can also obtain more information about Medicare drug and supplement companies. In many cases, Aetna may offer the most competitive 2018 Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplement; however, in some cases, another insurer may provide you with a better or cheaper solution.

Please Note: We are not Aetna, this is a general outline of our opinion on their plans.