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Medicare Advantage Plans in Alaska for 2019

Alaska has been called the “Last Frontier” by some residents, and that might be how companies who plan to market Medicare Advantage plans in Alaska for 2019 feel about it too. Even though the state has well over 80,000 Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare Advantage plans haven’t been that popular. Since most of the large state is rural in population, HMO networks are probably only useful in the larger more significant cities.

Of course, you may find some Medicare Advantage Plans in Alaska that have more flexible network rules than HMOs do. To compare MA plans in this northern state, you can use our quote forms to see local results in seconds.  Just enter your zip code to get started. You’ll see an instant listing of local providers. If you’d prefer to call, you can find a toll-free number that will put you in touch with a live agent.

Highlights of Medicare Advantage Plans in Alaska for 2019

Kaiser reported on enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans all over the United States. They found that Alaska is one of a few states where PPOs are much more popular than HMOs. Since HMO networks might not serve people in remote areas very well, this trend will probably continue for Medicare Part C Plans in Alaska.

As you can see by the population, many of the biggest Alaska cities aren’t very large by the standards of the major cities in many other states:

  1. Anchorage, AL.: 298,695
  2. Juneau, AL.: 32,756
  3. Fairbanks, AL.: 32,325
  4. Eagle River, AL.: 24,793

Your options for Medicare Advantage Plans in Alaska for 2019 will vary by county. These providers should be active in the state in the coming year:

  • Aetna: Has over half of the MA market in Alaska.
  • Humana: Doesn’t appear to market MA in Alaska at this time.

These are some answers to frequent questions about Medicare Advantage Plans in Alaska:

Should You Consider Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage Plans?  Every year, the official Medicare organization rates all the plans based on a variety of different quality and performance measures. They boil these measures down to a simple star rating. At this time, there wasn’t any information about plans that had earned a 5-star rating in Alaska for performance. During Open Enrollment, you might check to see if any of the Medicare Part C Plans in Alaska have received a 5-star rating going into 2019. If not, you should look into reasons for the star rating of any plans that you are considering.

Why have PPOs been more popular in Alaska?  If you belong to an HMO, you have to get service from a provider on the network for them to be covered. They may make exceptions for emergencies. With a PPO, you can get your medical services covered by any providers outside of the network; however, you will need to pay more for services. You will also probably pay higher rates. Still, people in remote areas may find that a PPO Medicare Advantage plan offers them better access to covered services.

Compare Medicare Part C Plans in Alaska for 2019

You are welcome to use our quote form to compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Alaska at any time of the day or night. Also, you can request information on local choices for Medicare Supplement Plans as well. Enter your zip code in our quote form and compare options.

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