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Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado for 2019

Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado for 2019 are expected to be a popular option for Seniors.  Most of the 800,000 Colorado Medicare beneficiaries get additional coverage to enhance their Original Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. Recipients who don’t have medical benefits from unions, jobs, or the government programs must turn to Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Supplements. About 37 percent of Coloradans on Medicare have already chosen Medicare Part C plans in the past. An even more significant percentage will probably enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in Colorado for 2019. Insurers that offer options with modest rates and reliable networks are likely to remain very competitive.

We can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado with our quote request form. Reviewing a list of top providers is as simple as selecting your state from the listing that you can find in the quote box. If you would prefer to speak to a live agent, you are also invited to call the toll-free number at any time.

A Brief Summary of Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado

These are the top Colorado Medicare markets with estimated populations:

  1. Denver, CO: 682,545
  2. Colorado Springs, CO: 456,568
  3. Aurora, CO: 359,407
  4. Fort Collins, CO: 161,175

In Jefferson County, CO, about 55 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have already signed up for Medicare Advantage plans and are likely to re-enroll for 2019. The state’s average enrollments may be lower than they are in Jefferson County because some regions in the state don’t have the same choice of Medicare Part C plans or provider networks.

Overall, enrollments in Colorado increased by about five percent from 2016 to 2017. They are expected to rise again for 2018. You may also want to note that over 80 percent of Coloradans choose a local HMO. That is typically the cheapest way to manage both premiums and medical costs. About 10 percent of Coloradans with a Medicare Advantage plan opted for a PPO. They are usually a pricier alternative that offers more flexibility to get covered services outside of a network.

Top Providers for Medicare Part C Plan in Colorado for 2019

As applies to many states, the largest Colorado Medicare insurance companies have attracted the majority of Medicare Advantage plan members. The top three providers of Medicare Part C Plans in Colorado have split about 88 percent of all of the members:

  • Humana: Humana enrolled about 13 percent of MA members in the state.
  • Kaiser: Just about one in three Medicare Advantage plan members chose Kaiser in Colorado.
  • Rocky Mountain: This small, Colorado insurer has offered some health plans with the highest star ratings in the state.

Medicare uses over 40 pieces of information about customer service, claims to handle, and wellness care to come up with a score. This rating gives Medicare recipients a quick reference to the insurer’s past performance, so they may know what to expect in the future. At the time of publication, no insurers earned a 5-star rating from Medicare for plan quality.

Some of the major insurers have released statements that they expect their star ratings for quality and performance to improve in the future. If you’re on the lookout for a Medicare Part C plan with a 5-star rating, keep your eyes open. New information typically will be release about Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado for 2019 around Open Enrollment.

The Quickest Way to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado for 2019

Do you want a fast and easy way to learn more about premiums, quality star ratings, and benefits of Medicare Advantage plans? If so, our quote request from only takes seconds to use. Once you see your personalized entries, you can either click or call any entry for more information.

Allow us to help you find the best Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado. Also, we can educate on other options that might be available.  We have helped many local Medicare recipients find the best Medicare Advantage plans in the past.  We hope to help you as well.  Let us know how we can help!