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Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Out of over four million Medicare beneficiaries in the state, over 1.5 million have already enrolled in one of the best Medicare Advantage plans in Florida. Regardless if you are entirely new to Original Medicare Part A and B or are a current member of an MA plans for years should take some time to compare changes to Medicare Advantage plans in Florida.

Compare The Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Would you like a simple way to get an online comparison of Medicare Advantage Plans? If so, pick “Florida” from the state listing in the quote box. Submit the form, and see local offers right away. To get quotes and more information, you can click any of the customized suggestions on the list.

If you prefer, you’re also welcome to use the toll-free phone number to contact an agent directly. Medicare agents can answer questions and help you select the best Medicare Advantage plan in Florida that meets your specific situation.

A Basic Guide to Medicare Part C Plans in Florida

Medicare has already approved a small payment increase for Medicare Advantage plans. This should help assure plenty of competition for members. Otherwise, nobody expects significant changes for next year. At the same time, insurers make a practice out of varying premium rates, provider networks, prescription benefits, and other details each year.

Most of you will only be able to change your Medicare Part C plan once a year. So it’s a good idea to make sure you can still find your doctors and prescriptions on any plan you decide to commit to for the next 12 months.

Medicare assigns a 5-star rating very rarely; however, most insurers want a star rating with at least 4 stars to gain incentives.

It might help to consider some of the insurers that will provide Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida:

  • Aetna: This insurer hasn’t attracted a significant share of the Florida market, but some of their HMO plans have high star ratings
  • Humana: Humana has a 40-percent market share.
  • Optimum: Optimum offers their Gold, Emerald, and Diamond plans in some Florida counties. The company’s regular and special needs, or SNP, HMOs have earned 5-star ratings from Medicare on their Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Florida Blue Medicare:  Florida Blue, formerly known as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, has been a leader in the Florida market.

Your location within Florida might limit your Medicare Advantage plan choices. For instance, residents of these bigger cities will enjoy more plans and larger provider networks than residents of more out-of-the-way places:

  • Jacksonville, FL: 868,031
  • Miami, FL: 441,003
  • Tampa, FL: 369,075
  • Orlando, FL: 270,934

Compare The Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida with Medigap

The attractions of Medicare Part C  plans in Florida are relatively evident once you make a comparison of them to Medicare Supplement plans. With Medicare Advantage plans, you may get a prescription plan, cheaper rates, and access to discount plans for fitness clubs, dental, hearing, and vision. So long as you stay within the network, you might only have modest copays for common medical services.

On the other hand, over 20 percent of local Medicare recipients may still decide to enhance Original Medicare Part A and B with a Supplement plan. The most popular is Plan F, and it’s also usually the priciest. The money pays for very robust benefits that help people avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

Even more, these plan allow policyholders to visit doctors without having to consult their network provider list, get referrals for specialists, and so on.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Do you need some assistance with your comparison of Medicare Part C Plans in Florida? If so, you can take advantage of our quick quotes. Just select “Florida” from the states in the quote box. You will instantly view a listing of quality providers in your town or city.

If you’d prefer a personal phone call with a qualified agent, you’re also welcome to use the toll-free number. We’ve put a lot of effort into helping residents choose the best Medicare Advantage Plan in Florida for their needs. We want to work with you.