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Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii for 2019

The quarter of a million Medicare recipients in the Aloha State will want to check for updates to Medicare Advantage plans in Hawaii for 2019. While no significant changes are in the works, companies that provide Medicare Advantage plans tend to adjust premium rates, networks, and other details each year. Based on the previous year’s performance, Medicare may also change their star ratings, so it’s important to make sure that the insurer still offers excellent coverage and good quality.

Most recipients of Original Medicare Part A and B only get the chance to change Medicare Part C plans once a year. If you begin researching the best Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii for 2019 now, you will have a better understanding of what to look for once Open Enrollment arrives.

How can compare Medicare Advantage Plans? Just look for “Hawaii” in the drop-down box, click the submit button, and instantly view your personalized list of top insurance providers. Of course, you can also use the toll-free number to call a qualified Medicare insurance agent.

The Basics of Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii

These are significant centers of Medicare recipients in Hawaii:

  • Honolulu, HI: 371,657
  • East Honolulu, HI: 49,914
  • Pearl City, HI: 47,698
  • Hilo, HI: 43,263
  • Kailua, HI: 38,635

According to a relatively recent survey, over 110,000 residents have enrolled in Medicare Part C plans in Hawaii. Since there were only about 245,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the state, this is a relatively large percentage of the population when you compare it to other states.

This listing offers a quick comparison of some of the insurers that will provide Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii for 2019:

  • Humana: About one in ten members of Medicare Part C plans in Hawaii chose Humana.
  • Kaiser: Kaiser offers both regular and SNP HMOs that have earned respectable star ratings.
  • HMSA Akamai Advantage: This small, regional insurer offers PPOs that have performed well in the past.

You may have noticed the mention of Medicare’s star ratings in the overview of Medicare insurers above. Medicare compiles multiple factors about Medicare Advantage plans in Hawaii by county. They use this information to assign stars.  This gives Original Medicare Part A and B recipients a quick way to judge an MA plan’s performance. Of course, insurers hope to earn a 5-star rating, but this is very difficult. At this time, no Medicare Advantage plans in Hawaii advertised a 5-star rating. However, several of the programs listed above had earned more than 4 stars.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii for 2019 to Other Options

Medicare Part C plans have been very popular in the Aloha State. That trend is likely to continue with expected enrollments up about six percent each year. It’s not surprising that senior citizens seek Medicare Advantage plans that charge low rates and include additional benefits for prescriptions and other medical services.

Still, you might consider a Medigap plan if you would rather have non-network insurance that doesn’t require you to visit program providers or get permission to visit a specialist. If you intend to travel to the mainland, you’ll probably find it’s a lot easier to find doctors all over the country who will accept Original Medicare Part A and B.

One difference from Medicare Advantage plans is that a Supplement will never include typical prescription benefits. For drugs, they tend to cover the same types of medicine that Original Medicare Part A and B  covers. For prescription coverage, you would need to purchase a stand-alone prescription drug plan.  Most Medicare Advantage Plans in Hawaii for 2019 will come with a prescription plan included.

We Can Help You Find the Best 2019 Medicare Advantage Plan in Hawaii

Our online quotes can offer you a quick way to compare Medicare Part C Plans in Hawaii. You don’t even have to offer any personal information to get started. Simply find “Hawaii” in the selection of states. Submit your request, and view a handful of customized offers from top insurance providers.

Of course, you may have more questions about Medicare Advantage Plans. If so, you may use the toll-free number to speak with a live agent. We hope to offer you online tools and personal service so that you can find the right Medicare Advantage Plan for your specific needs.