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Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois for 2019

Although analysts expect Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois for 2019 to remain very popular, enrollment varies a lot by county. For instance, Kaiser surveys found that almost one-quarter of Illinois residents have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. At the same time, only 11 percent of Lake County residents have done the same.

Some factors that might affect Medicare Part C plan enrollment include the availability of network providers and the choice of local plans. Also, the preferences of residents and how they would prefer to enhance their Medicare benefits play a role. In any case, Illinois enrollment increased by almost 50,0000 Original Medicare A and B recipients in the previous year and is expected to rise again next year.

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Quick Facts for Medicare Part C Plans in Illinois

These are largest four Illinois Medicare markets:

  1. Chicago, IL.
  2. Aurora, IL.
  3. Rockford, IL.
  4. Joliet, IL.

This list highlights some county-by-county differences in the percentage of Illinois Medicare recipients who have chosen Medicare Advantage plans in the past:

  • Cook County, IL: 22 percent
  • Dupage County, IL: 19 percent
  • Lake County, IL: 11 percent

Many factors might influence the acceptance rates in different counties for Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois in 2019. These could include the availability of plan choices, the quality of local provider networks, and average incomes. At last report, Lake County residents only had four different programs to choose from; however, the average number of choices in the nation is closer to 19.

Out of over 400,000 members of Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois, 75 percent have signed up with the largest three insurers. This table displays the market share for each of these companies:

Medicare assigns a rating to each plan, and the 5-star rating is the best. In the past, some of Humana’s HMO and PPO Medicare Part C plans earned high star ratings from Medicare for program performance. The company recently announced that they expect the percentage of members in plans with at least a star rating of 4 to increase for 2019. At this time, there was no information about Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois with a 5-star rating, but new data may be released during Open Enrollment. Illinois Blue Cross, and Cigna also had past programs with good star ratings.

Should You Consider an Alternative to Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois?

It’s interesting to note that a growing percentage of Medicare Advantage plan members are willing to pay higher rates for more robust plans. This is true even when $0 options are available. For example, slightly more members of Medicare Part C plans in Illinois chose a PPO than chose an HMO, and typically, HMOs are more likely to cost less. Of course, PPOs have less restrictive network rules than HMOs do, and apparently, that freedom is necessary for a majority of Illinois residents.

If you would rather pay higher rates for more flexible and broad coverage, you might also consider a Supplement. They can free you from concerns about choosing doctors within a provider network and having to get referrals for specialists. They also don’t experience annual plan changes that Medicare Advantage plans appear to implement almost every year. Because some Supplements pay for virtually all out-of-pocket expenses that Original Medicare Part A and B doesn’t, some people find they save enough money on their medical bills to justify the extra cost of the plan.

Of course, most Medicare Advantage Plans in Illinois for 2019 will come with Part D included within the plan. Supplement plans only cover the kinds of prescriptions that Original Medicare Part A and B covers. If you rely on prescription medications, it’s also a good idea to make a comparison of Part D plans. Some people find that it’s best to have the option to choose drug and medical coverage on their own merits.

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