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Medicare Advantage Plans in Iowa for 2019

About 18 percent of the half-million Original Medicare Part A and B beneficiaries utilize Medicare Advantage plans in Iowa. Many seniors find that Medicare Part C plans can help them manage their prescription and medical costs and see doctors. While enrollment in Iowa hasn’t been as high as it has in other states, there are several reasons to expect an increase in members for Medicare Advantage plans in Iowa for 2019:

  • First, enrollment in MA plans has kept increasing by a percent or two every year out of the last several years.
  • Also, Aetna has one of the largest shares of current Iowa enrollment, and the company has announced they will begin competing even more aggressively in the Iowa market.

Quickly Compare Medicare Advantage plans in Iowa for 2019

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently enrolled in Medicare insurance or just qualifying for Original Medicare Part A and B for the first time. You still need an easy comparison tool to help you find Medicare Advantage Plans quotes. Locate “Iowa” in the state listing to begin. After you submit our quote form, you will see top providers for your location.

You can click through any of these offers to learn more about Medicare Part C plans in Iowa. If you’ve got questions that pertain your unique situation, you may directly call a local agent with the toll-free phone number as well.

Brief Facts About Medicare Advantage Plans in Iowa

Here are the populations of the largest Iowa cities:

  1. Des Moines, IA: 210,330
  2. Cedar Rapids, IA: 130,405
  3. Davenport, IA: 102,582
  4. Sioux City, IA: 82,821

Iowa is a state with a few medium-sized cities and lots of rural areas and small towns. Even though more Medicare Advantage plan members enroll in HMOs nationwide, only 32 percent of MA plan members do in this state. At the same time, about 58 percent choose a PPO. PPO members save the most money by visiting network doctors and hospitals, but they can still obtain covered services outside of their network. Typically, PPO plans charge higher rates; however, many Iowans must find that they benefit from the added flexibility.

In most states, the vast majority of Original Medicare beneficiaries tend to flock to a few insurers. In this case, the three most significant players in the state have attracted 90 percent of the market. When you check your options for Medicare Advantage Plans in Iowa for 2019, you might find that a large, nationwide company can help you the most. On the other, some people are delighted with local insurers that can tailor benefits to local needs.

Top-Rated Companies Offering Medicare Part C Plans in Iowa

You might start by comparing some of the companies that will probably offer Medicare Advantage Plans in Iowa:

  • Aetna: In Iowa, Aetna has tied for a share of about 26 percent of plan members.
  • Humana: Humana has attracted about 18 percent of Medicare Advantage plan members in the past.
  • Coventry: Coventry offers both PPOs and HMOs in some Iowa counties.
  • Senior Preferred: This small insurer has the only plans that earned a 5-star rating for quality from Medicare.

Every year, Medicare keeps track of each Medicare Advantage plan in each county. They use information about customer service, claims to handle, and other quality measures to assign star ratings. Medicare Part C plans with a 5-star rating have been pretty rare in the past. However, insurers work hard to improve their quality ratings because they hope to attract more plan members and qualify for extra incentives from the government.

Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Iowa for 2019

Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans doesn’t have to be difficult or even take up a lot of your valuable time. Just use our online quote forms to compare a list of top Medicare insurance companies within seconds. Once you see your personalized list of offers, you can click through to get details about premiums, star ratings, and prescription or medical benefits.

We also provide information that can help you compare Medicare Part C plans.  We can look up your prescriptions and confirm your doctors are in-network providers for the plan of interest. Give us a call using use the toll-free number if you’d prefer to speak to an agent. We aren’t here to suggest one plan for every Medicare beneficiary. However, we hope to provide you with the information that you need to make the right choice for your Medicare Advantage plan needs.