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Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas for 2019

There is good news for beneficiaries who plan to rely upon Medicare Advantage plans in Kansas. Insurers have mostly reported increased profits from their Medicare Advantage plans. Also, the government announced a modest increase in payment rates. Lastly, many private insurance companies have communicated optimism that the government will improve their quality Medicare Part C plan star ratings in the coming year. A healthy and profitable market could indicate more competitive Medicare Advantage plan in Kansas for 2019.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas

Hopefully, the half of a million residents who rely upon Original Medicare Part A and B will enjoy more options for high-performing Medicare Part C Plans in Kansas. In any case, if you’re familiar with Medicare Advantage plans at all, you know that they change each year. To keep up with the latest offerings, modifications to provider network lists, and of course, premiums, take a few seconds to use our simple online quote form to get help.

Begin by choosing “Kansas” from the drop-down list. You will see offers from quality insurance providers that work within your city or town. You can quickly click any of these local offers to learn more or pick up the phone for assistance from a qualified Medicare insurance agent.

Spotlight on Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas for 2019

So far, only about 15 percent of all Kansas Medicare recipients have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. That is much lower than the national average of just about 33 percent but still a steady increase over previous years and is expected to continue to rise in 2019.

In most states, most MA members join HMOs, but Kansans have made different choices:

  • HMOs: 41 percent
  • Local and regional PPOs: 53 percent
  • PFFS plans: 6 percent

To explain why members of Medicare Advantage plans in Kansas choose the plans they do, you might look at some population data for large Kansas cities:

  • Wichita, KS: 389,965
  • Overland Park, KS: 186,515
  • Kansas City, KS: 151,306
  • Olathe, KS: 134,305

Most of these metro areas are smaller cities, and lots of local beneficiaries are scattered around the state in less densely populated areas. The first thing that most people want to know about Medicare Advantage plans is if they can find convenient doctors, pharmacies, and other medical services within the network. This is an important question to ask about PPOs too, but at least, PPOs will still cover services that you get outside of the network.

Which Companies Will Offer Medicare Part C Plans in Kansas

Only a few private insurance companies have been active in this state. Although, some people may find a regional insurer that caters to their needs. Overall, well over 90 percent of Medicare Advantage plan members enrolled with only three private insurers.

In any case, these are likely to be some of the top insurers for Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas for 2019:

  • Humana: In Kansas, Humana has one-third of the MA market. They were one of the first companies to promote PPOs and an alternative to HMOs.
  • Aetna: With a 45 percent share of the MA market, Aetna has been very active in Kansas in the past.
  • Other Companies offering Medicare Advantage plans: At this time, other insurers only have enrolled about eight percent of the total market. Coventry is one example of a small insurer with good star ratings for performance in Kansas.

Note: Only a few plans ever earn a 5-star rating for quality. However, these star ratings will give you a fast way to judge past performance of a particular program within your local area.

Are There Other Options Besides Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas?

If you’re relatively new to Original Medicare Part A and B benefits, you might also want to make a comparison of Supplement plans. They are still reasonably popular because they don’t rely upon medical provider networks and may offer first dollar coverage. Also, you’ll find that a Medigap plan will be very stable. You typically don’t have to worry about your plan changing each year.

Of course, most of the popular Medicare Advantage Plans will also include Part D. They may also provide you with additional benefits that could save you money. Some examples are Silver Sneakers, dental plans, and hearing or vision discounts. If you aren’t sure which option will serve your needs the best, you might discuss your situation with a qualified agent.

Compare the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas for 2019

Do you need a quick and straightforward way to compare Medicare Part C plans in Kansas? If so, our online quote system will help you find all of the information you need about rates, quality ratings, and benefits.  Just select “Kansas” in the quote box to see a listing of top providers. You may also choose to call an agent via the toll-free phone number. We know that there isn’t one best Medicare insurance for every Kansan. We want to give an excellent way to compare your options. We’re here to help explain Medicare Advantage Plans, but we’re qualified to help you explore other options as well.