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Medicare Advantage Plans in Maine for 2019

If you’re looking for information about Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019, it might help to learn a bit about the current market first. Just about 27 percent of the 300,000 state beneficiaries have already enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. Next year, most Medicare recipients who don’t have job-related or government insurance to add to their Original Medicare Part A and B benefits will choose a Medicare Part C Plan in Maine.

Find “Maine” in the quote box, submit the form, and see your local choices for the best Medicare Advantage plans quickly. If you prefer, pick up the phone to call the toll-free number. You can speak directly with a qualified agent.

Spotlight on Medicare Advantage Plans in Maine for 2019

These are major centers of Medicare beneficiaries in Maine:

  • Portland, ME: 66,881
  • Lewiston, ME: 36,202
  • Bangor, ME: 32,391
  • West Scarborough, ME: 27,706
  • South Portland, ME: 25,556

These largest cities account for a lot of the population of this state. That may be why 61 percent of Medicare Advantage plans members have decided to enroll in HMOs prior to 2019. That’s about twice as many residents that have signed up for more flexible but expensive PPO plans.

As you begin your comparison of Medicare Part C plans in Maine, you may want to take note of the largest providers of this kind of insurance within the state. This listing highlights some of the most notable Medicare insurance companies in Maine:

  • Aetna: A handful of Aetna’s Medicare HMOs have earned the highest star ratings for quality in the state in past years.
  • Martin’s Point: This isn’t a national insurer, but they account for 46 percent of the state’s enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans. The insurer has provided some HMO-POS and HMO-SNP plans with high star ratings.

Does Star Rating Determine Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Maine?

Each year, the government analyzes several different performance measurements to assign a rating to each Medicare Advantage plan in every county. They rarely give plans a 5-star rating, but several Maine plans earned over 4-four stars in the past. These ratings can provide you with a quick snapshot of past performance, so you might predict how it will satisfy you in the coming year.

Alternatives to Medicare Part C Plans in Maine?

Have you also made a comparison of Supplement plans to Medicare Advantage plans for 2019? The better choice depends upon the way you intend to use your Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage plans almost always have lower rates. They usually also bundle in prescription coverage and additional benefits that may help you save money. MA plans replace Part A and B with benefits that must always be as good as or better. Since insurers want to compete for business, they try to offer the most generous benefits that they can.

Still, you might consider a Supplement plan for several reasons. Instead of replacing Original Medicare, they work by filling in gaps for things that Original Medicare Part A and B don’t adequately cover.

Some benefits of Medigap plans include:

  • Virtually all of your Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019 will be network plans. If you can’t find the doctors you need on one of these networks, you probably won’t be happy with it.
  • Many of these plans only offer their best coverage within local or regional networks. If you plan to travel around the country, you may find that a Supplement gives you more freedom.
  • The most robust Supplement will cover almost all of your deductibles and copays, so you will rarely have any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • These standardized plans rarely change, so they make your coverage predictable from year to year.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Maine Online

Do you want to locate local plans with a 5-star rating or simply compare premium rates? Either way, you can use our online Medicare Advantage plan quote form to give you the answers you need within seconds. You might prefer to discuss your health needs with an agent. You’re also welcome to call the number listed on the website.

If you’re not certain that you want to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plans in Maine for 2019, feel free to give us call.  We can walk you through your options and answer any questions that you might have. We’ve helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries get the most out of their benefits, and we hope to help you too.