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Medicare Advantage Plans in Massachusetts 2019

About 21 percent of the state’s 1.2 million Original Medicare recipients have chosen Medicare Advantage plans in Massachusetts to help them manage healthcare costs. Last year, the number of Medicare Part C plan members increased by more than 20,000 over the previous years figures. Since many Medicare insurance companies have released positive reports about profit and quality improvements, it’s likely that even more people will join Medicare  Advantage plans in Massachusetts for 2019.

If there is one thing that is predictable about Medicare Advantage plans it is that they will change. Every year, most insurers make some adjustments to these private Medicare insurance plans. Typically, doctors enter and leave networks, and the insurance company will adjust rates, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums. The government keeps track of how these plans perform and may change their quality star ratings too. Even if you’ve already enrolled in a plan in past years, it’s still a good idea to compare Medicare Part C plans in Massachusetts.

How to Compare Medicare Advantage plans in Massachusetts for 2019 Online

Even though only about one in five Massachusetts Medicare recipients have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, the figure can differ a lot by region. For example, this lists shows the market penetration of MA plans in various counties:

  • Suffolk County, MA: 21 percent
  • Worcester County, MA: 32 percent
  • Bristol County, MA: 18 percent

The populations of various cities will have an impact:

  1. Boston, MA: 667,137
  2. Worcester, MA: 184,815
  3. Springfield, MA: 154,341
  4. Lowell, MA: 110,699
  5. Cambridge, MA: 110,402

Typically, people in more densely populated areas tend to favor Medicare Advantage plans because they can usually find plenty of choices of provider networks. The first thing that almost all retirees ask about any Medicare Part C plan is if their doctors accept the coverage. While some network plans, like PPOs, still provide coverage outside the network, it’s almost always cheapest to use it.

HMOs often only cover non-network services in case of an emergency but may rarely approve some non-network services that they don’t offer within their network. Still, almost 73 percent of members of Medicare Advantage plans in Massachusetts choose HMOs. These kinds of plans do an excellent job of controlling costs and usually, come with low or even $0 rates.

Leading Providers of Medicare Advantage Plans in Massachusetts for 2019

It might help you begin your comparison by checking out some of these leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Blue Cross of Massachusetts: This insurance company has HMO plans with 5-star ratings. They have enrolled 22 percent of the Medicare Advantage plans in Massachusetts.
  • Humana: No information was found on Humana star ratings in Massachusetts at this time.
  • Tufts: Tufts has the highest market share with about 37 percent of the market, and they offer HMO Medicare Advantage plans that have earned star ratings of 5 stars too.

Alternatives to Medicare Part C Plans in Massachusetts?

Even though Medicare Advantage Plans are likely to attract even more people this year, they may not provide the best Medicare insurance solution for everybody. They are designed to help retirees save money; however, people who need to use their plan a lot may find that they still have to pay a lot of out-of-pocket costs for deductibles and co-pays. Of course, there are yearly limits to expenses with an out-of-pocket maximum, but this could be a few thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, some people may choose to purchase Medigap plans instead. Premiums for these plans are almost always higher. At the same time, more robust coverage and greater accessibility to doctors and specialists could save both money and time. If you plan to travel outside of your local area or even outside of the country, you can obtain benefits that are more portable too.

One thing to keep in mind is that Supplement plans will never come with the kind of prescription benefits that you may get with most Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019. This is because they were created to work with Original Medicare Part A and B, and Part A and B only cover the sorts of prescription medicine that you receive in a hospital or outpatient facility and not the kind you pick up at the pharmacy.

Choosing the Best Medicare Advantage Plan in Massachusetts for 2019

We make it easy to compare local Medicare Advantage Plans online. Just find “Massachusetts” in the quote box, hit the submit button, and see your local offers instantly. If you’re interested in any of these Medicare insurance providers, you may click through to learn more.

Are you still confused as to which route to take? For those of you who would prefer to talk to an agent, we also have a toll-free number. We have helped many visitors and clients find the best Medicare Advantage plan in Massachusetts for their needs and budget. We’re standing by to help sort through the confusion.  We look forward to participating in your process.