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Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi for 2019

In Mississippi, over 16 percent of all Original Medicare Part A and B recipients are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. This figure represents an increase of 8,500 Medicare beneficiaries year to year. Because of optimistic news about program quality and insurer profits, it’s likely that even more seniors will consider Medicare Advantage plans in Mississippi for 2019. Hopefully, Medicare recipients will enjoy more quality choices in the coming year.

If you’re not sure which Medicare Part C Plan in Mississippi is best for you, take advantage of our simple internet quote forms to learn more. We offer you a quick way to get a customized comparison of local Medicare insurance providers. You can also give us a call using the toll-free number on this page.

A Brief Spotlight on  Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi for 2019

These are the most significant concentrations of local Medicare recipients with total populations:

  1. Jackson, MS: 170,674
  2. Gulfport, MS: 71,856
  3. West Gulfport, MS: 71,329
  4. Southaven, MS: 52,589
  5. Hattiesburg, MS: 46,805

About 53 percent of all members of Medicare Advantage plans in Mississippi chose an HMO, and 45 percent chose either a local or regional PPO. These numbers are relatively close. It’s likely that residents of the larger cities, like Jackson and Gulfport, had access to stronger HMO networks. Meanwhile, beneficiaries who live in smaller towns may find that a PPO Medicare Advantage plan gives them more choices because they can still get services covered outside of the network. PPOs offer more flexibility for people who don’t mind paying a bit more for the option of getting covered services outside of their plan’s provider network.

Top Providers of Medicare Part C Plans in Mississippi for 2019

Several private health insurance companies will offer Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi for 2019. This list is a good starting point for your comparison:

  • Humana: Humana offers PPOs that have earned some of the better star ratings in the state. Over 60 percent of MA plan members in Mississippi have signed up with Humana.
  • WellCare: If you’re looking for an HMO with low rates, you might consider a WellCare HMO or HMO-SNP. WellCare commands about one-quarter of the state market for these plans. They have earned higher star ratings than most other insurers in this state.
  • Magnolia: This regional insurer offered an HMO, but the star rating is not available because the plan is new.
  • Cigna: This national insurer has enrolled about 10 percent of local Medicare Advantage plans members.

At this time, there weren’t any Mississippi private insurers that had earned a 5-star rating from Medicare. A 5-star rating is rare in most places. It’s important to keep your eye on new ratings as you compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi for 2019 during Open Enrollment.

Should You Consider Alternatives to Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi?

Even though Medicare Part C Plans in Mississippi are bound to be popular, about one in five local beneficiaries may still choose Medigap plans. It’s hard to argue that Medicare Advantage plans will probably offer lower rates. Also, they may help keep costs under control if you’re happy with your provider network and additional benefits.

For instance, most of the best Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi for 2019 will offer drug coverage. They often include dental, vision and hearing for the same low rates. At the same time, a Supplement plan may save you money if you intend to use your healthcare benefits a lot and in many different ways. You don’t need to worry about seeing network doctors because they don’t even use networks. Any doctor that accepts Original Medicare Part A and B also accepts supplements. This is excellent if you travel around the United States.

If you’re not certain which plan to consider, you might get a qualified agent to help. The can help you compare the pros and cons of both options.

How to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi for 2019

We offer you online tools to see a list of top Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 within seconds. To begin, Select “Mississippi” in the quote.  Also, call the toll-free phone number to speak with an agent directly.

We’ve been working with Medicare beneficiaries for years. In that time, we’ve learned that we can’t suggest one right option for everybody; however, we can help people by giving them the tools and answers they need to make that choice for themselves. We hope to provide you with the best resources to help you choose the best Medicare Advantage plan in Mississippi for your needs and budget.