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Medicare Advantage Plans in Montana for 2019

Do you want to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Montana for 2019? Numerous surveys have found that seniors worry about controlling their healthcare costs more than any other issue. Of course, seniors can rely upon Original Medicare Part A and B to help them pay some bills. A recent study reported that Medicare Part A and B might only pay for about half of medical expenses over a lifetime.

Some sources of out-of-pocket expenses could be Medicare deductibles and coinsurance and uncovered medical expenses like dental and vision care. One way to help reduce and control healthcare costs during retirement might be to consider a Medicare Advantage plans. These plans limit out-of-pocket costs and may lower the price of many covered services.

To quickly find the best Medicare Advantage plans in Montana for 2019, you can use our online form. To begin, select your state from the drop down and submit the form. You will be presented with a list of providers for Medicare Part C plans.  Click any from the list to get more details.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Montana for 2019 by City

Consider the populations of these larger Montana cities:

  • Billings, MT: 110,263
  • Missoula, MT: 71,022
  • Great Falls, MT: 59,638
  • Bozeman, MT: 43,405

In the past, an overwhelming 82 percent of members of Medicare Advantage plans in Montana have chosen a PPO. Only a small percentage chose an HMO. As you might know, HMO Medicare Part C plans have much more restrictive rules to keep members within the network. Because even the largest cities in this state are relatively small, Montana beneficiaries may have trouble finding available network providers so that a PPO may offer them better access.

Overall, only about 20 percent of the 200,000 local beneficiaries have opted for Medicare Advantage plans at all. Recent years’ enrollment figures did represent an increase of about 3,500 members over prior years.

Top Providers for Medicare Advantage Plans in Montana for 2019

In any case, these are likely to be significant providers of Medicare Part C Plans in Montana that you may want to compare:

  • Montana Blue Cross: Apparently, there are multiple Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliates in Montana. These affiliates have 81 percent of the total enrollment for Medicare Advantage plan in Montana. Blue Cross HMOs and PPOs in Montana have earned relatively good star ratings.
  • Humana: Humana offers a GoldPlus regular and extraordinary needs plan that has received high star ratings in the state for quality.

At this time, there weren’t any local Medicare Advantage plans with a 5-star rating for quality from Medicare. This could change during Open Enrollment, so it’s important to keep an eye on 2019 Medicare Part C plans. A 5-star rating is the highest quality rating, but it’s difficult to earn. CMS publishes star ratings for each plan in each county, and these are based upon information like customer service, billing, wellness care, and so on.

Should You Also Compare Alternatives to Medicare Part C Plans in Montana?

Medigap Plans are quite popular in Montana. This may be because they don’t require plan members to use a provider network or get referrals to schedule an appointment with a specialist. Typically, people will join Medicare Advantage plans if they can get convenient access to their favorite doctors. In more rural areas, networks aren’t that large.

Typically, Supplements charge higher rates than Medicare Advantage plans. We don’t believe you should think that you only get what you pay for. However, you should pay for what you need meaning there are times that a paying for a Supplement can save you money, in the long run, depending on your health needs and plan usage.

You might be happy with Medicare Advantage Plans in Montana for 2019 if they include your preferred healthcare providers on the network. However, if your doctor isn’t on a local network, you plan to travel, or you would rather not have to worry about yearly changes to costs and benefits, you might be happier with Medigap plans.

What Benefits to Look for in Medicare Advantage Plans in Montana

Many Medicare Part C plan providers will bundle in drug coverage, so you won’t have to buy an extra Part D plan. They may also include additional perks like a dental, hearing, and vision plan. Also, many include free or discounted health club memberships. It’s important to make sure that the Medicare Advantage plan’s health benefits suits your needs.  However, all things being equal, these extra benefits can save you additional money throughout 2019

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Montana for 2019 Online

We can offer you a quick way to browse a list of the best Medicare Advantage plans with our online quote form. This is one of the fastest and most straightforward ways to find out more about rates and details. If you’d prefer to call, you can also use the toll-free number and speak to a  qualified Medicare insurance agent who works with your Montana city or town.

We know that there’s not one best plan for all Montana residents. That’s why we will work hard to help you to enhance your Medicare benefits and control costs in a way that suits your situation.