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Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada for 2019

Out of just about half a million Nevadans on Orignal Medicare Part A and B, over one-third will be enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in Nevada for 2019. This represents an increase of over 11,000 members of Medicare Advantage plans from the previous years.  Consider some potential trends that may continue to make Medicare Part C plans in Nevada popular with beneficiaries.

You can use our simple quote form if you’d rather compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada for 2019 online. Within seconds, you can view a listing of top providers. If you have more questions, contact us by phone to speak with a qualified agent.

What to Know About Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada

These are populations of the largest metro areas in Nevada:

  • Las Vegas, NV: 623,747
  • Henderson, NV: 285,667
  • Reno, NV: 241,445
  • North Las Vegas, NV: 234,807
  • Paradise, NV: 223,167

It’s interesting to note that 87 percent of people choose HMOs over other kinds of Medicare Part C plans. Also, a large percentage of the population of the state lives within these larger metro areas. Typically, HMOs tend to be popular in urban or suburban areas where the insurance companies can build strong networks of healthcare providers.

Most of the time, the first questions that people ask about Medicare Advantage plans is if they can find their local doctors and hospitals within the network. HMOs are strict about requiring network providers for non-emergency care. PPOs are a bit more relaxed, but they still encourage the use of plan networks.

Top-Rated Companies Offering Medicare Part C Plans in Nevada for 2019

Since this state is famous as a retirement destination, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that plenty of Medicare insurance companies will want to compete for your business. These are examples of companies that you may find as you search for the best Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada for 2019:

  • Aetna: Aetna’s HMO also has earned high-quality ratings.
  • Humana: Humana has signed up almost a third of all Medicare Part C plans in Nevada.
  • Renown Health: This smaller insurance company has a 10-percent share of the state’s MA plan marketing.

As you make your comparison of different plans, you will also want to check rates. It’s also important to consider the quality star ratings that Medicare publishes for each plan. There aren’t any Medicare Advantage plans in Nevada with a 5-star rating published at this time, but you should check for updated information as 2019 approaches. As Medicare updates their ratings during Open Enrollment, you may find plans with a 5-star rating in the future.

Substitutes for Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada for 2019?

A popular alternative to a Medicare Part C plan would be a Medigap Plan.  Rates for one of these plans will almost always be higher. After all, some Medicare Advantage plans offer $0 rates that include medical and Part D benefits. Still, a Supplement may help some of you access more health care choices and in some cases, reduce your overall expenses. Typically, people who live in more rural areas or who plan to travel outside of their local area are more prone to this type of option.

This is because Supplements don’t rely upon plan networks. You don’t have to worry about leaving the area or living where the network isn’t very robust. If you’re having a hard time choosing between this type of plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan, you might discuss your concerns with a qualified Medicare insurance agent. He or she can listen to you explain your situation and help you compare the pros and cons of either choice.

Virtually every one of the Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada for 2019 will offer you drug benefits; however, Medigap plans never will. Neither Supplements nor Original Medicare Parts A and B will cover most prescriptions, and you may be penalized if you don’t have drug coverage.

Choose the Best Medicare Advantage Plan for 2019

Use our quote system to see a list of Medicare Advantage Plans in Nevada for 2019 in your city or town. You can learn about premiums, star ratings, and plan details. Our toll-free number also connects you with a Medicare agent. We can advise you on the best solutions for your situation. We can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans and even help you apply for the plan of your choice.