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Medicare Advantage Plans in New Hampshire for 2019

Do you want to compare Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire as the Annual Election Period approaches? As you may already have learned, the private insurers that provide Medicare Advantage plans tend to make some adjustments in their benefits, rates, and provider networks every year. If you’re entirely new to Original Medicare Part A and B or have already enrolled in Medicare Part C plans in the past, it’s a good idea to learn about updates for the coming year.

We’re happy to offer you information about premiums, benefits, and star ratings. You can begin with our online system by merely finding “New Hampshire” in the list of states. You’re also welcome to call us at the toll-free number that we offer you.  Also, use our website if you’re not sure that you want to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan in New Hampshire for 2019.   It can help you gather helpful information for making the best decision

Quick Facts For Medicare Advantage Plans in New Hampshire for 2019

Your comparison of available Medicare Part C plans in New Hampshire may differ because of where you live within the state. Insurers don’t have to offer each program in each county, and even two programs with the same names could vary because of where they are offered.

These are the populations of New Hampshire cities with the highest concentration of Original Medicare recipients:

  • Manchester, NH: 110,229
  • Nashua, NH: 87,970
  • Concord, NH: 42,620
  • East Concord, NH: 42,605

In the entire state, over a quarter of a million seniors and disabled people receive Original Medicare Part A and B benefits. Only about 10 percent of these people choose Medicare Advantage plans to help enhance their benefits. However, there was an increase of over 7,000 enrollees from one year to the next. It’s possible that the number of people who will enroll in Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire for 2019 will be higher than last year’s figures.

A little half of Medicare Part C plan enrollment came from HMOs. About a third came from PPOs. PPOs are more flexible than HMOs, but they usually cost a bit more to join and use. The best Medicare Advantage plan choice might come down to the strength of the local networks within your local area.

What Companies offer the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in New Hampshire?

While the “best Medicare Part C plans” depends on your specific needs, these are some of the insurers you may want to consider when you compare Medicare Advantage plans for 2019:

  • Martin’s Point: Martin’s Point has earned good quality star ratings for its HMO and HMO-POS plans in some counties.
  • Humana: Humana’s share of the Medicare Advantage plan market is about 12 percent.
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.: This smaller and more regional insurer has about 14 percent of the state’s total enrollment.
  • Anthem Blue Cross: The New Hampshire Blue Cross affiliate has offered a PPO with high-quality star ratings.

How can you use Medicare’s quality ratings? These plans come from private insurance companies; Medicare oversees and approves them. They use information that they gather during a year to also assign quality ratings. The highest score is a 5-star rating, but there were no 5-star Medicare Advantage plans in New Hampshire published currently.

Why Consider Medicare Part C Plans in New Hampshire for 2019?

Typically, Medicare beneficiaries consider Medicare Advantage plans for the following reasons:

  • When compared to a Supplement, rates are usually lower.
  • Most Medicare Part C plans include prescription benefits for the same price.
  • These plans also offer some extra perks that may be valuable. Some examples include dental, hearing, vision, and health club discounts.

In comparison Supplements plans, a Medicare Advantage plan in New Hampshire for 2019 may appear to be a cheaper way to manage medical costs. For some people, it works out that way. Still, a Medicare Advantage plan doesn’t seem to have a high rate of adoption in this state when compared to normal states. Original Medicare beneficiaries may shy away from Medicare Part C plans in New Hampshire if they can’t find their doctors included in networks or would prefer to have the freedom not to concern themselves with HMO or PPO provider networks at all.

Choosing the Best Medicare Advantage Plan in New Hampshire for 2019

Are you having a hard time deciding which Medicare Advantage plans is the best for you situation? If so, it’s time for you to have a chat with a qualified agent. You can also quickly use our online quote form to compare a listing of companies and plans available in your area. Just click through any of the offers for more information about benefits, premiums, and deductibles.  There isn’t always one right Medicare Advantage plan for everybody. Our mission has always been to help people find the right way to enhance their Medicare benefits for 2019.