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Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma

Discover Medicare Advantage providers, popular plan types, plan premium comparisons, and enrollment periods of Oklahoma Advantage Plans.

A Medicare Advantage plan in Oklahoma is an all-in-one plan that contains three parts: Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D. This bundled coverage ensures hospital insurance, medical insurance and prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part A and Part B make up Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage is often called Part C. Medicare Advantage in Oklahoma is a more popular option than Original Medicare. Part C has additional coverage and benefits provided by private insurance carriers. Medicare Advantage consists of four types of plans, and they offer primary care physician selection, hospitals and facilities in service area networks.

Medicare Part C coverage is also called an MAPD plan because it has prescription drug plans built into it. Certain Medicare Advantage health insurance plans will also have additional benefits such as vision and hearing, dental, gym memberships (SilverSneakers), telehealth visits.

If you should have end-stage renal disease or a disability and are under the age of 65, you can still have an Oklahoma Medicare Advantage plan.

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Top rated Medicare Advantage providers in Oklahoma

  • Coventry: Coventry offers both a PPO and an HMO that have earned high star ratings from Medicare for quality.
  • Humana: Humana has enrolled slightly over one-quarter of members of Medicare Advantage plan in Oklahoma.
  • Community Care: This smaller insurance company has a market share of 23 percent.

Popular Medicare Advantage plan types in Oklahoma

Best for network freedom: Medicare Advantage PPO

PPO Plans have benefits such as $0 to $100 monthly premiums, larger networks for Medicare beneficiaries, and no referrals to obtain for specialists.

Best for lowest out of pocket: Medicare Advantage HMO

HMO plan benefits include $0 cost monthly premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs because they have their own HMO referral network.

Best for low income or health conditions: Medicare Advantage D-SNP

A dual enrollment special heeds plan is good for those with low income and pre-existing health conditions and allows for enrollment in both Medicare and Medicaid. This will help with expenses for the Part B premium, copayments, coinsurance, deductibles and monthly premiums.

Medicare Enrollment Facts:

1. Number of lives enrollment in Medicare Advantage in Oklahoma: 190,000

2. Number enrolled by plan, specifically the three plans below:

Local HMO: 82,993

Local PPO: 44,002

Regional PPO: 4,329

3. Percentage of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage in Oklahoma: 21%

4. Number of people enrolled in Medicare Advantage nationwide: 26 million

5. Percentage of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare advantage nationwide: 42%

How much does Medicare Advantage in Oklahoma cost?

HMO plans, in most states, cost $0 per month. Some PPO plans do as well, but it is more common to see PPOs with premiums. In Oklahoma, HMO and PPO plans will vary from one county to another.

The average Medicare plan with a prescription drug plan is $21 a month in Oklahoma.

How much do Advantage Plans cost in Oklahoma?
Plan Type Premium Range
PPO Plan$0.00 to $21.00
HMO Plan$0.00

When can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan?

Initial Enrollment Period

Eligibility occurs at 65. At this age or older, you can join health plans Medicare Part A and Part B. You have seven months to enroll: three months before your birthday, during your birthday month or three months after your birthday.

Open Enrollment Period/AKA Annual Election Period

From October 15th until December 7th, you can join, drop or change your plan. Coverage for Part C starts January 1st as long as the plan is completed by December 7th.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

From January 1st through March 31st you can switch plans, join Original Medicare or join a Medicare Supplement plan.

Special Enrollment Periods/Special Circumstances

Medicare recognizes there are times when special circumstances apply. See below for special enrollment qualifications.

  • Change of address
  • Plan changes with Medicare
  • Loss of current coverage
  • Coverage through an employer (VA/Tricare/PACE)

Other special considerations may include:

  • Eligibility for both Medicare and Medicaid
  • Extra Help – An income-based federal program to help enrollees pay monthly premiums, annual deductibles and co-payments related to Medicare Part D.
  • Dropping a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan
  • State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program enrollment
  • Special needs or a disability

5-star Special Enrollment Period

The five-star rating enrollment is open from December 8th until November 30th. This enrollment period can only be used once.

Visit here to learn more.

Special Enrollment Periods if you get “Extra Help”

Extra help is available due to your eligibility for it, along with eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid or enrollment into the State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. If you receive Extra Help, you can enroll from January to March, April to June, or July to September.

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