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Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma for 2019

As Open Enrollment draws near, Oklahoma seniors will begin their comparison of Medicare Advantage plans in Oklahoma for 2019. Out of nearly 700,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the Sooner State, 18 percent chose Medicare Advantage plans to help enhance the benefits they receive with Original Medicare Part A and B. Over 8,000 more Oklahoma Medicare recipients chose Medicare Part C plans in previous years.

Even if you’re already enrolled for the current year, it’s a good idea to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Oklahoma for 2019. The insurance companies that provide these plans tend to make changes that might seem minor but could have a significant impact on you. Some things to consider about next year’s Medicare Advantage plans include monthly rates, providers on an HMO or PPO network, and deductibles you may have to pay before your coverage kicks in. Most of you only have a chance to change your Medicare Part C plans during the annual Open Enrollment Period, so it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can before this period ends.

The Basics of Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma for 2019

To understand Medicare Advantage plans, it may help to consider the populations of the biggest cities in the state:

  • Oklahoma City, OK: 631,346
  • Tulsa, OK: 403,505
  • Norman, OK: 120,284
  • Broken Arrow, OK: 106,563
  • Lawton, OK: 96,655

Typically, urban areas tend to draw more Medicare Advantage plan member, and in particular, HMOs are more popular. PPOs give members the freedom to get covered services outside of their plan network, so they may be preferred where network coverage has been established but isn’t very robust.

Oklahoma contains a mix of larger cities, small towns, and rural areas. About 64 percent of members joined an HMO Medicare Part C plans in Oklahoma. Almost one-third chose a PPO instead. That aligns reasonably well with the way the state is populated, and it might give you an idea of which plans you’re likely to favor, depending on where you live.

Popular Companies For Medicare Advantage Plan in Oklahoma for 2019

Your comparison of Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 might include these companies:

  • Coventry: Coventry offers both a PPO and an HMO that have earned high star ratings from Medicare for quality.
  • Humana: Humana has enrolled slightly over one-quarter of members of Medicare Advantage plan in Oklahoma.
  • Community Care: This smaller insurance company has a market share of 23 percent.

Do Medicare’s star ratings matter? At this point, there wasn’t information about any Medicare Advantage plans in Oklahoma with a 5-star rating. Still, some companies received star ratings over 4 stars. You might pay attention to updated star ratings for 2019 to see if any insurers in your local area have a 5-star rating as Open Enrollment approaches. These ratings can offer you a brief snapshot of how well the insurer has satisfied customers during the current year.

Should You Consider Alternatives to Medicare Part C Plans in Oklahoma for 2019?

You may find that a Medigap will offer you a better way to ensure access to healthcare providers without having to concern yourself with network rules. These plans are standardized by the government, so it’s also relatively easy to shop for them. You won’t find this kind of standardization with Medicare Advantage plans. They require government approval; however, you will see many different kinds of plan types and benefit structures.

One big difference between Supplements Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma is that Supplements won’t offer you drug coverage. Most MA plans include a Medicare prescriptions drug plan built into their benefits for 2019. Becuase of this you may need to pay higher rates for both your Supplement and your prescription benefits.

It’s impossible to say which path would be best without knowing something about your healthcare needs, financial situation, and the way you would prefer to access medical providers. People who spend more on very robust Medigap coverage usually prefer a turn-key solution that provides them with access to doctors outside of their local network and in particular cases, even outside of the country. Medicare Advantage plans tend to satisfy people who are happy¬†with utilizing a network.

Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Oklahoma for 2019

To compare Medicare Part C Plans in Oklahoma, use our online form at any time. Within seconds, you’ll see a listing of top local providers. Click through any of the offers in the list to get information about ratings, premiums, and plan benefits.

If you have questions, you can speak with an agent by calling the toll-free phone number. While we can’t tell you that there is one right Medicare Advantage plan for all Medicare beneficiaries, we hope to provide you with the information you need to make a prudent choice for yourself for 2019.