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Medicare Advantage Plans in Rhode Island for 2019

About 37 percent of resident Medicare beneficiaries will choose to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans in Rhode Island for 2019 to help them control costs and access network doctors. That figure represents increases of about 4,300 from the previous year. It’s very likely that Medicare Advantage plans will be even more popular.

You might choose to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Rhode Island for 2019 because of the relatively low rates and health benefits. If you’re just getting Original Medicare Part A and B for the first time or have been enrolled in a Medicare Part C plan for many years, you still should take some time to do a comparison your options.

Changes to Medicare Advantage Plans in Rhode Island for 2019

There are no significant changes announced, however, the insurance companies tend to tweak their networks, prescription coverage, and other program aspects every year. If these tweaks impact you, they may not seem minor at all. You can get instant Medicare Advantage plans results for your search if you find “Rhode Island” on our quote box. You will see a custom listing of top providers in your city or town.  If you’d rather discuss your situation with a qualified Medicare agent, you can find a toll-free number to call.

What Should You Know About Medicare Advantage Plans in Rhode Island?

To understand how Rhode Island beneficiaries make their choices about Medicare insurance, it may help to review the state’s biggest cities and the city’s populations:

  • Warwick, RI: 81,699
  • Cranston, RI: 81,073
  • Pawtucket, RI: 71,591
  • East Providence, RI: 47,408

In most states without extensive metro areas, Medicare Advantage plans don’t tend to be that popular. Industry watchers say that the main reason for this is because there aren’t as many network providers located close to plan members.

Rhode Island has pretty average enrollment rates. The explanation might be that these larger cities are relatively close together so that the networks can overlap to some degree. Also, 92 percent of Rhode Island Medicare recipients chose an HMO over a PPO or other kind of plan. In places where the Medicare Part C plan networks aren’t that robust, people who do sign up for Medicare Advantage plans tend to gravitate towards more flexible types of MA plans.

Top Companies for Medicare Part C Plans in Rhode Island

In any case, this list offers you a brief comparison of some of the top companies that will probably offer Medicare Advantage Plans in Rhode Island for 2019:

  • Blue Cross: The Rhode Island Blue Cross company has enrolled 69 percent of the Medicare Part C plan market. The company offers HMO and HMO-POS plans that have also earned high star ratings.
  • PACE of Rhode Island: This small, regional Medicare insurance company has a small share of enrollment.
  • Humana: Humana may not be active in Rhode Island for Medicare Advantage plans at this time.

At this period, there wasn’t published information about 5-star ratings for Rhode Island. During Open Enrollment, you might see updated information about 5-star ratings or other changes to star ratings. Medicare complies dozens of different pieces of information about the performance of various Medicare Advantage plans to come up with their ratings.

Consider Alternatives to Medicare Advantage Plans in Rhode Island for 2019?

For some local people, a Medigap plan still offers the best solution. If you intend to travel away from your local HMO networks or may rely upon your medical plan for different types of healthcare services, you may consider this type of plan.

These are some advantages that a Supplement plan can offer you:

  • The most popular plans will provide you with first-dollar benefits for Medicare-covered services. This mean you should rarely have out-of-pocket charges beyond your premiums.
  • Popular plans will even pay for expenses that are higher than what Original Medicare says they should be.
  • Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, they don’t have networks, so you don’t need to think about finding network doctors and specialists. In fact, you can use them wherever you roam in the United States and in some cases, in other countries.

One of the most significant differences between Supplements and Medicare Part C plans is that most MA insurers also bundle in Part D. The means that you’ll have additional costs on top of the added monthly premium for the plan.

Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Rhode Island for 2019

Get the facts about Medicare Advantage Plans by using our user-friendly quote forms. Start by selecting your state from the drop-down menu on this page.  Within seconds, you can view top providers in your Rhode Island city or town. If you’d prefer live help, you’re also welcome to make use of our toll-free phone number. We can help you find the best Medicare Advantage Plan in Rhode Island for your needs and budget.