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Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee for 2019

ut of over 1.2 million Medicare residents in The Volunteer State, 36 percent have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee. If you are still trying to decide how to make the best use of your benefits or even if you have already enrolled in a Medicare Part C plan in the past, you should take the time to compare Medicare Advantage plans for 2019.

Updates for Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee for 2019

While no significant changes have been proposed for Medicare Advantage plans, some minor adjustments to the company’s provider networks, benefits, or drug plan could have a significant impact on you. Most of you will only be able to choose your Medicare Advantage plan in Tennessee one time during Open Enrollment. Since you’ll have to live with your choice for all of 2019, it’s a good idea to invest some effort in making the best decision.

Get started with our online quote system by finding “Tennessee” on the state listing inside of the quote box on this page. You can instantly view quality Medicare Part C plan providers in your city, town, or rural location. If you’re the sort of person who would rather speak with an agent, find the toll-free number to place a call to a live agent.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee: Statistics

You might benefit from learning about Medicare Advantage plan choices that other Medicare recipients in the state have made. Before beginning with this comparison, it’s interesting to see some population figures for the largest Tennessee cities:

  • Memphis, TN: 655,770
  • Nashville, TN: 530,852
  • Knoxville, TN: 185,291
  • Chattanooga, TN: 176,588
  • East Chattanooga, TN: 154,024

In recent years, enrollment in Medicare Part C plans in Tennessee has increased by over 24,000 people year over year. About two-thirds of the total enrollment is in HMO plans, and the remainder is mostly for PPOs. PPOs may charge somewhat higher rates and cost slightly more to use. However, they offer the flexibility of covered services outside of the Medicare Advantage plan network. When you look at research studies of the way seniors get their healthcare, you will find that most retirees do not mind paying a bit more for more freedom to choose doctors.

Companies Offering Medicare Part C Plans in Tennessee for 2019

A variety of Tennessee health insurance companies will provide Medicare Advantage plans. You may find it helpful to compare some major players with Tennessee:

  • Tennessee Blue Cross: The Tennessee Blue Cross insurer has enrolled about 28 percent of all Medicare Part C plan members in the state.
  • Humana: Humana is relatively popular in this state, with about 29 percent of total MA enrollment. Along with Cariten Health Plans, Humana offers some HMOs with good star ratings and low deductibles.
  • Aetna: If you want a PPO in Tennessee, you might consider Aetna.

Are there any Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee with a 5-star rating? At this time, there wasn’t any published information about local Medicare Advantage plans that had earned a 5-star rating for performance from Medicare. You might pay attention to these star ratings during 2019 Open Enrollment to check for updates.

When to Consider Alternatives to Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee?

While Medicare Advantage plans have grown increasingly popular, some people still chose Medigap plans. You may pay higher rates for a Supplement, but in some cases, you can drastically reduce or eliminate concerns over deductibles and other out-of-pocket medical expenses.

This summary compares some of the major differences between Medicare Part C plans in Tennessee and Supplement:

  • Supplement plans don’t even use provider networks, so you won’t have to only look for network doctors. You can use your plan when you travel away from home at almost any medical provider that accepts Original Medicare Part A and B.
  • Some Supplement will pay bills over the amount Medicare allows. That can give you more freedom to find doctors and specialists without having to ask them how much they charge.
  • Almost all of the Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee for 2019 include Part D, but Medigap plans never do. You will have to join a drug plan to get most of your prescription medicine covered.

How to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Tennessee for 2019

If you want a quick and straightforward way to learn more about Medicare Part C plans for 2019, use our online form. If you’d rather explore other Medicare insurance options, our form will also give you a quick list of local providers.

Do you have specific questions about your situation? You’re free to use the toll-free number to speak directly with a Medicare, insurance agent. We’re standing by to help you learn more about various options.  We can help you compare and select the best Medicare Advantage Plan in Tennessee for your needs and budget.