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Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah for 2019

Just about 350,000 Original Medicare Part A and B recipients reside in Utah. A little over one-third, have enrolled in  Medicare Advantage plans in Utah for the current year. Enrollment has been steadily increasing every year. So the Open Enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 is expected to be a busy one.

Customized Online Results for Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah for 2019

As Open Enrollment approaches, it’s time to compare Medicare Advantage plans in Utah for 2019. Most of you won’t be able to switch your Medicare Part C plan for an entire year. That’s why we encourage you to do as much research as you can before Open Enrollment ends.

To save time, use our online comparison tool. Just find “Utah” in the state listing, submit the form, and instantly see a list of top Medicare Advantage plan providers in your town or city. Click through any of these offers for more information about benefits, rates, and network providers.

If you’d prefer to speak with somebody, you can also find a toll-free phone number to call. We can help you choose the best Medicare Advantage plan in Utah for your needs and budget.

Updated Information About Medicare Part C Plans in Utah for 2019

Sometimes, you can tell how popular Medicare Advantage plans will be by for 2019 by looking at some information about the population of an area. To begin with, these are the biggest Utah cities with the population:

  • Salt Lake City, UT: 192,672
  • West Valley City, UT: 136,208
  • Provo, UT: 115,264
  • West Jordan, UT: 111,946
  • Orem, UT: 94,457

A large proportion of the state’s beneficiaries live in the more major cities. While about 17 percent of Medicare Part C plans in Utah are PPOs, most of the rest opted for an HMO. Typically, people gravitate towards cheaper HMO plans when they can enjoy strong medical provider networks, and these are usually best where populations are more significant.

Top Providers for Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah

To help you compare Medicare Part C plans in Utah for 2019, it might help to glance at an overview of some of the state’s leading providers:

  • Aetna: Aetna accounts for about 9 percent of all Utah MA members. You might look for Aetna’s PPOs with high star ratings for quality.
  • Intermountain Healthcare: This regional provider has about 10 percent of the market for Utah MA plans.
  • Regence Blue Cross: The Utah Blue Cross company offers PPO Medicare Part C plans that have been recognized for quality.
  • Humana: Humana doesn’t appear active at this time.

Medicare compiles information about every plan in every county, and they use that data to create star ratings. There weren’t any Medicare Part C plans in Utah listed with a 5-star rating at the time of publication, but that could change as new information gets published for 2019. Some plans had star ratings over 4 stars, and insurance companies hope to get a 5-star rating to help them attract more Medicare Advantage plan members and earn government incentives.

Some Consider Alternatives to Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah?

You might wonder if you would be happier with a Medigap plan instead for  2019. Medicare Advantage plans will probably come with lower rates, and most of the time, they also include prescription benefits. These are a couple of advantages of Medicare Advantage plans that make them increasingly popular.

At the same time, you may find that a Supplement plan offers you more freedom to choose your doctors and other healthcare professionals. This type of Utah plan attracts people due to the freedom from provider network restrictions and the ability to use their plan anywhere in the country. If you need a lot of medical services, you may find that you can save money with this alternative route in the long run.

Choose the Best Medicare Advantage Plan in Utah for 2019

In only takes a couple of minutes to compare Medicare Advantage plans with our quote request form. We’ve helped hundreds of Original Medicare recipients in Utah and all around the country. In our experience, there won’t be one perfect plan for all of our clients. At the same time, we can offer you the information and suggestions to help you find the best Medicare Advantage plan in Utah for 2019 tailored to your specific situation. Get started today!