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Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont for 2019

So far, only about eight percent of residents have Medicare Advantage plans in Vermont. That is out of the 130,000 Original Medicare Part A and B recipients that call Vermont home. Still, the current numbers represent an increase of over 2,000 people since the previous year’s enrollment figures were published. It’s very likely that even more Medicare beneficiaries will compare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019.

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What to Learn About Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont for 2019

Very often, you can look at a state’s demographics to understand why different Medicare  Part C plans are more or less popular. For instance, consider the bigger Vermont cities and their total populations:

  • Burlington, VT: 42,452
  • South Burlington, VT: 18,791
  • Colchester, VT: 16,986
  • Rutland, VT: 15,824
  • Essex, VT: 10,111

Even the largest Vermont cities have fairly modest populations. It’s likely that insurers haven’t put together extensive provider networks. This conclusion may be backed up by considering the breakdown of members in each type of Medicare Advantage:

  • HMO: 18 percent
  • Local PPO: 23 percent
  • Regional PPO: 45 percent

In most states, HMOs attract more members because they generally have the lowest rates. In Vermont, members of Medicare Advantage plans appear to favor local and regional PPOs because they offer more flexibility to seek covered medical care outside of the plan. These enrollment numbers may change in the future as provider networks grow. On the other hand, PPOs are very popular with people of all ages because they offer both cost control and flexibility.

Popular Providers for Medicare Part C Plans in Vermont

It might help to compare some of the top insurers that will offer Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont for 2019:

  • MVP Health Care: This regional insurance company has signed up 18 percent of all Medicare Part C plan members. This company markets a highly rated PPO that may attract a lot of Vermont seniors. The company also has an HMO-POS plan that may offer an alternative to people who would rather not have an HMO.
  • Aetna: Aetna is active in Vermont with about two percent of current members but may have plans to grow in this state moving into 2019.
  • Humana: Vermont Humana doesn’t seem to be active at this time for Medicare Advantage plans.

A few Star ratings were beside some of the above insurance companies. The best Medicare Advantage plan rating is a 5-star rating, but this is very hard to obtain. Currently, there wasn’t information published about any Medicare Advantage plan in Vermont with a 5-star rating. You may find updated star ratings during the 2019 Open Enrollment.

Consider Something Other Than a Medicare Advantage Plan in Vermont for 2019?

Though Medicare Advantage plans are becoming increasingly more popular, they are not for everyone.  Another option many consider is Supplement plans.  These plans fill in the gaps of Original Medicare Part A and B.  They don’t work like Medicare Part C plans, but some Vermont Medicare recipients prefer them because they don’t have networks. They also may offer first-dollar benefits for many covered services. Rates these plans will typically be higher than they are for Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont. Also, you will never have Part D included with this option.

If you plan to travel around the country or even outside of the United States, you may find that this non-network style plan suits your needs better. They are also very predictable, so you don’t have to compare each year to see if benefits have changed as you do with Medicare Advantage plans. If you’re not sure if which route would serve you best, you can always take your questions to one of our qualified Medicare agents.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Vermont Online

You can request a customized list to compare Medicare Part C Plans in Vermont for 2019 within seconds. Find “Vermont” in the state list. Would you prefer to discuss your concerns Medicare Advantage plans with a live agent? If so, you’re welcome to call with the toll-free number you can find on the page. Over the years, we have helped many Original Medicare recipients make good choices about their healthcare, and we hope to work with you as well for 2019.