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Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019

Almost one-quarter of a million Medicare beneficiaries have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in Virginia before 2019 Open Enrollment Period.  This is out of the state’s over 1.3 million residents that qualify for Original Medicare Part A and B.  Since the percentage of Medicare recipients has been creeping up, it’s also likely that an increase in enrollment is expected for Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019.

If you plan to count yourself among the new enrollment figures or already have a current plan, you still should compare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019. Even if insurers haven’t announced significant changes, you will find that some Medicare Part C plans leave and new ones enter the market each year. Besides that, some seemingly minor changes to the way Medicare Advantage plans cover prescriptions or include doctors could have a significant impact on your healthcare.

Where to Find Updated Information About Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019

The easiest way to see a personalized listing of top local providers for Medicare Part C Plans in Virginia for 2019 is to use our quote forms. You don’t even have to enter personal information to get started. Just find “Virginia” within the quote box.

Our automated quotes can also help you find the best Medicare Advantage plan for 2019. Those of you who would rather talk to a live agent can make use of the toll-free phone number.

Demographics and Statistics for  Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019

These are the largest centers of Original Medicare Part A and B recipients in the state along with the total populations in these cities:

  • Virginia Beach, VA: 452,745
  • Norfolk, VA: 246,393
  • Chesapeake, VA: 235,429
  • Richmond, VA: 220,289
  • Arlington, VA: 207,627

In Virginia, members of Medicare Advantage plans are fairly evenly divided between HMOs and either local or regional PPOs. Typically, residents of more urban areas or those with lower incomes may gravitate towards HMO Medicare Part C plans in Virginia. People without comprehensive provider networks or who would prefer to pay a bit more for more choices might choose a PPO.

Top-Rated Companies Offering Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019

Several private companies offer Medicare Advantage plans in the state. To help you start your comparison, you might want to consider this quick summary of some notable insurers that will offer Medicare Part C plans in Virginia for 2019:

  • Kaiser: Kaiser has offered cost plans with high star ratings in Virginia. Cost plans are not that common, but they tend to be more popular in rural areas. They can work like an HMO within the network, and then they work like Original Medicare outside of the network. Kaiser has a nine-percent market share.
  • Humana: Humana has 55 percent of the market share for Medicare Advantage plans in Virginia.

Do Medicare’s star ratings indicate the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia? Medicare accumulates several different kinds of information for each plan within each county. They use this data to create star ratings. The best Medicare Part C plan rating is a 5-star rating. These star ratings give you a quick way to judge the past performance of a plan that you might consider joining.

Consider Options Before Purchasing a Medicare Advantage Plan for 2019?

Many seniors still favor Supplement plans. If you choose one of these plans, you will most likely have to pay higher rates than you will for most Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia for 2019. You also won’t get the benefit of extra benefits, including Part D.

Still, these are some benefits of Medigap plans:

  • You can use them all across the United States at almost any medical provider’s office where Original Medicare Part A and B is accepted.
  • The most robust plans can substantially reduce and maybe even eliminate out-of-pocket costs for covered expenses.
  • They almost never change, so you won’t need to worry about adjustments to your benefits every year.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia For 2019 With Our Help

A customized list of the most competitive providers of Medicare Part C plans in Virginia is only seconds away when you make use of your quote forms. Better yet, you just have to supply the form with your state to begin. Some of you may still have questions about the best Medicare Advantage plans for your situation. We have a toll-free number that will connect you with a live agent as well. We’ve helped many Medicare recipients over the years. We can also help you with your 2019 selection.