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Medicare Advantage Plans in West Virginia for 2019

About 24 percent, or 100,000, of the state’s Medicare recipients, are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in West Virginia. That is the portion of the over 400,000 Original Medicare beneficiaries that live in the Mountain State.  Those figures represent an increase of over 3,000 Medicare Advantage plan members from the previous year.

More beneficiaries are expected to consider Medicare Advantage plans in West Virginia for 2019. These Medicare Part C plans help them control medical costs, buy prescriptions at the pharmacy, and gain access to network healthcare providers. Many insurers also offer additional benefits that could include discounts at the pharmacy or optometrist, and this helps attract seniors as well.

Are you new to Medicare Advantage plans or entirely new to Original Medicare part A and B? Have you already signed up for one of the state’s plans in the past? You should take some time to compare Medicare Advantage plans in West Virginia for 2019. Almost every year, these programs adjust their provider networks, benefits, and prescription coverage. Since the majority of you will only have a chance to choose a plan during yearly Open Enrollment, it’s a good idea to make sure that you know what you’re signing up for.

Quickly Compare Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

We can help you quickly compare Medicare Part C plans online. Just look for “West Virginia” in the state listing you will find in the quote box on this page to begin. We can also offer you details about rates and benefits. If you’d prefer to call than search online, you can also find a toll-free phone number that will connect you with qualified Medicare insurance agents.

Highlights of Medicare Part C Plans in West Virginia for 2019

It might help your comparison of Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 to learn about decisions that other local beneficiaries have made. To begin, you might consider the populations of the bigger cities in West Virginia:

  • Charleston, WV: 49,736
  • Huntington, WV: 48,638
  • Parkersburg, WV: 30,991
  • Morgantown, WV: 30,708

Because even the largest cities in West Virginia still aren’t large cities, it might not be surprising to learn that most local Medicare Advantage plan members choose a PPO over an HMO:

  • HMO: 10 percent
  • Local and regional PPOs: 86 percent
  • PFFS: four percent

Insurers tend to build stronger networks in more densely populated areas. PPO Medicare Part C plans give members the option to access covered services outside of the network, but they usually cost more. Private fee for service, or PFFS, don’t use networks, but the providers still must agree to accept the plan.

Top Companies Selected by Members for “Best” Medicare Advantage Plans in West Virginia

There is no such thing as the Best Medicare Advantage Plan In West Virginia for 2019.  However, based on enrollment numbers for each company, the below list seem to attract the most consumers.  You may find a handful of top companies with Medicare Part C plans in your city or town. This quick comparison of companies may help you get started with your research:

  • Humana: Humana has enrolled 70 percent of the Medicare Advantage plans in West Virginia.
  • Blue Cross: The West Virginia BCBS company accounts for about five percent of the state’s enrollment.
  • Coventry: Coventry offers PPOs that have earned high star ratings for quality in some West Virginia counties.
  • The Health Plan: A smaller company called The Health Plan offers both HMOs and special needs HMOs that have earned good quality ratings.

As you compare Medicare Advantage plans in West Virginia for 2019, you may notice that they have star ratings from Medicare. Medicare offers these as a fast way to judge the way a program has performed in the past. A 5-star rating is the best; however, there was no information published about any insurers in this state earning a 5-star rating. You might keep your eye on 2019 star ratings for the upcoming Open Enrollment to see if the scores change.

Considering Options In Place of Medicare Part C Plans in West Virginia

Of course, an older way to enhance Original Medicare Part A and B benefits is through a Medigap plan. While Medicare Advantage plans in West Virginia are likely to continue to go more widespread for 2019, many beneficiaries still like the way that Supplements work with Original Medicare to reduce expenses. Rather than replacing Medicare, they enhance it by paying Part A and B deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

These are two significant differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medigap:

  • Most of the Medicare Advantage Plans in West Virginia for 2019 will include Part D prescription coverage, but Supplements never do.
  • Supplements don’t use a network, so you have a chance to use your program if you travel or just want more freedom to choose doctors, specialists, and hospitals.

Most of the time, Medicare Advantage plans have lower monthly rates. You also may need to pay for Part D with a Supplement. So for many, the biggest drawback to Supplements are their upfront costs with monthly premiums.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in West Virginia for 2019 Online

We have been in the Medicare insurance business long enough to learn that there is not just one best Medicare Advantage plan for everybody. We hope to offer you the tools and information to make a right decision.

You are welcome to access our online quote forms at any time. You only need to find “West Virginia” in the quote box to begin. In return, you’ll see a list of quality providers that are ready to help you. Just click on the listing for more information.  We are also here to answer any specific questions you have, and you can contact us with our toll-free number.