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Medicare Advantage Plans in Wisconsin for 2019

Are you considering how you will handle your Medicare Advantage plan in Wisconsin for 2019?  You might be thinking about switching from Original Medicare Part A and B.  Lastly, you might be looking to change Medicare Part C plan providers. By making a quick comparison of the options that are available for seniors who live in Wisconsin, you can choose the best Medicare Advantage plan that is right for you.

Alternatives to Medicare Advantage Plans in Wisconsin for 2019

One of the first options that you might want to consider is a Medigap plan. This will allow you to remain under Original Medicare Part A and B.  This can be a good idea if you are happy with the doctors that you see now and the coverage that you are getting now. The big difference is that your plan will help you take care of your deductibles, so you will be able to reduce the cost of healthcare significantly.  The drawback for many seniors with this option is the monthly premiums required to purchase.  They are often quite a bit more expensive than Medicare Advantage plans and do not come with prescription drug coverage built-in.

Types of Available Medicare Advantage Plans for in Wisconsin

You might opt for a no monthly premium or a different kind of Medicare Advantage plan for 2019 if you are looking for additional care. Things have changed with these plans since Obamacare has been put into effect, so you will be more likely to end up with an HMO plan than a PPO plan. However, you might already have an HMO Medicare Part C plan as they have been around for many years.

Because of this change, you can expect some differences from how you handled healthcare with Original Medicare. For example, with an HMO you will not be able to call up your specialist’s office to set your appointments without asking for a referral from your regular doctor. This might require an additional appointment. However, these changes were made to keep rates low despite Obamacare changes. Often you can still find zero monthly premium Medicare Advantage plans available.

Local Medicare Advantage Plans in Wisconsin No Matter Where You Live

Seniors from all over Wisconsin have been using our online search tool to compare Medicare Advantage plans for 2019. Although we have helped people from all over the state of Wisconsin, these are some of the big cities that these individuals are from:

  • Milwaukee
  • Madison
  • Green Bay
  • Kenosha
  • Racine

Top-Rated Providers for Medicare Advantage Plans in Wisconsin for 2019

There are quite a few good companies out there that can provide you with Medicare Advantage plans. However, since we have been doing our research among these companies for a long time, we do know what to look for when choosing our favorites. These are some of the companies that we think are the absolute best for 2019:

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Wisconsin for 2019 Online

There is no reason for you to go through all of the stress of finding Medicare Part C plans in Wisconsin on your own. We have done our research and the legwork for you. All you will have to do is select “Wisconsin” from the state list.  Then, you’ll see your options on one easy-to-use page. Also, it will be easier than you probably ever imagined to find the best Medicare Advantage plans that will be affordable and useful for you.