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Medicare Advantage Plans in Wyoming for 2019

Medicare Advantage plans in Wyoming are a relatively new concept to the 95,000+ Wyoming residents qualify for Original Part A and B. Original Medicare provides these beneficiaries with comprehensive benefits, but it certainly won’t pay all medical bills. So far, only three percent of Wyoming residents enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. That was an increase of over 2,500 people from the previous year.

It’s likely that interest in Medicare Advantage plans in Wyoming for 2019 will continue to grow. All over the country, seniors appreciate the modest rates and extra benefits that Medicare Part C plans offer. To choose the best Medicare Advantage plan for you or a loved one, learn more about your 2019 options.

Quickly Compare Medicare Advantage Plans in Wyoming for 2019 Online

If you’d like to learn about available Medicare Advantage plans for 2019, you can use our quote request form. Select “Wyoming” from the list of states, click submit, and instantly view top local providers.  If you’d rather, you can also use our toll-free number to speak directly with an agent.

Highlights of Medicare Advantage Plans in Wyoming for 2019

To understand why Medicare beneficiaries choose the Medicare Part C plans they do, it often helps to consider population data:

  • Cheyenne, WY: 63,335
  • Casper, WY: 60,285
  • Gillette, WY: 32,649
  • Laramie, WY: 32,158
  • Rock Springs, WY: 23,962

The state contains smaller cities, small towns, and plenty of rural areas. Typically, these kinds of areas don’t have the same robust provider networks that large urban areas do. Even though HMOs are the most common type of Medicare Advantage plan in the country, they only make up about seven percent of Medicare Part C Plans in Wyoming.

It’s not that unusual to find that almost a third chose a PPO because they offer Medicare Advantage plan members more flexibility even if rates may be somewhat higher. It’s more unusual to learn that over half of Wyoming beneficiaries choose a PFFS plan. PFFS, or private fee for service, plans don’t use provider networks. Therefore, providers do need to “accept” the insurance.

Favorite Companies for Medicare Advantage Plans in Wyoming for 2019

To get started with your comparison of Medicare Advantage plans for 2019, you can view this summary of the larger companies:

  • Laramie County Memorial Hospital: This regional insurer has enrolled about five percent of the market.
  • Altius Health Plans: This small insurer offers an HMO that earned good quality ratings in Uinta County.
  • Aetna: Aetna’s market share for the current year is 26 percent.
  • Humana: There was no information published about Humana for the current year.

Depending on where you live, you may have a few different insurers to choose from. Currently, 98 percent of the members of Medicare Part C plans in Wyoming pick the top three, which are Aetna, and Memorial Hospital.

At this time, there doesn’t appear to be any Medicare Advantage plans in Wyoming with a 5-star rating. Medicare assigns star ratings that consider several different measures of quality. Medicare might release more information about star ratings during Open Enrollment, so it’s possible that a plan will earn a 5-star rating at that time.

Compare Medicare Part C Plan Alternatives for 2019?

In a state where there aren’t a lot of Medicare Advantage plan members and few choices for highly rated Medicare Part  C plans, it may not be surprising to learn that local beneficiaries may have gravitated towards buying a Medigap plan instead. Companies have offered them for many decades, so state residents are likely to be more familiar with the way they help pay expenses that Original Medicare Part A and B don’t cover.

Most of the time, Medicare Advantage plans will offer lower rates than Supplement plans. They usually also include prescription benefits, so you won’t have to join a stand-alone Part D plan. Almost all Medicare Advantage plans in Wyoming for 2019 will offer some value-added perks that may help members save more money. Examples include fitness club memberships and discounts on vision, hearing, and dental care.

One of the reasons that seniors will spend more money on Supplement plans is that they don’t have to worry about a provider network. That is a significant benefit for people who live where network doctors are scarce and also for folks who plan to travel outside of their local area. Typically, any physicians and other healthcare providers who will accept Original Medicare will also take them as a patient.

Compare the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Wyoming for 2019 With Our Help

We can offer you a quick way to compare Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 online. Get started right now by finding “Wyoming” in the list of states, clicking the submit button, then viewing your custom listing of local providers. You’re also invited to call us if you have questions, and you can find a toll-free number on the page. We’ve served many Wyoming Medicare recipients, and we hope to work with you.  With our help, you can select the best Medicare Advantage plan in Wyoming for your needs and budget.