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Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware

Just about one-third of state Medicare beneficiaries choose Medicare Supplement plans in Delaware. When you combine Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan, you can control your out-of-pocket costs and enjoy lots of flexibility. To decide if Medigap plan is the best option for you, learn more about how Medicare Supplement plans work in this state.

Enrollment Statistics for Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware

It might help to learn more about other Medicare recipients in Delaware. This is a quick overview of Delaware enrollment figures:

  • Delaware Medicare beneficiaries: Almost 170,000
  • Delaware Medigap plan enrollment: Almost 55,000
  • The most popular choice for Medigap plans in Delaware: Plan F

This list shows the most populated Delaware counties:

  • New Castle County, DE: 556,987
  • Sussex County, DE: 220,251
  • Kent County, DE: 174,827

Rate Calculations for Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware

If you decide to shop for a Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware, you should find out how the rates were calculated by the insurance company. This is important because some kinds of Medigap policies might seem cheaper when you’re just turning 65 but increase in price more over time.

The state allows insurers to choose between these three methods to set rates:

  • Issue age

    In this case, your premiums will also be based on the age you were when you initially purchased your Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware.

  • Attained age

    In this case, the insurer will use your current age as the basis for your premium. This is the most common kind of pricing system in Delaware and is used by about 75 percent of Medicare Supplements.

  • Community-rated

    With community ratings, the insurance company uses an average for everybody with the Medigap plan in your area.

While premiums may always go up because of inflation, you may find that your rates will increase a lot more as you age with an attained age policy. On the other hand, this pricing system allows insurers to offer lower premiums for younger Medicare beneficiaries.

What Are the Available Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware?

Most states in the country use the Medigap plan benefits that are standardized by Medicare. This includes 10 choices, and they range from Plan A through Plan N. Ranked in order, these are the three most popular choices for Delaware Medicare Supplement plans:

  • Plan F

    Plan F offers the most benefits allowed by Medicare, but it is also usually the most expensive plan. People buy Plan F to reduce the chance of out-of-pocket costs.

  • Plan N

    You can enjoy lower rates with Plan N, but you also have to accept more cost sharing in the form of deductibles and restrictions.

  • Plan G

    This plan is also very robust. Unlike Plan F, Plan G won’t pay for your Medicare Part B Deductible. Lower premiums than for Plan F could still make it a frugal choice.

Do Medicare Supplement Plans Cover Prescription?

Just like Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement plans do not include a Medicare prescription drug plan. Most people also need to enroll in Part D to get help paying for medicine and to avoid possible penalties later.

The best time to compare your different choices for a Medicare prescription drug plan is before your Initial Enrollment Period. You will also have a chance to change your Part D plan during the fall Annual Election Period for prescription and Medicare Advantage plans.

When to Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware

You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware so long as you have enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. During the month you first enroll after turning 65 and for six months afterward, you have a Medigap Open Enrollment Period where you don’t have to answer medical questions to apply. If you lose your coverage, you might also qualify for a Special Enrollment Period that will allow you to buy a Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware without having to submit to health underwriting.

Some Delaware insurers will also sell Medigap plans to a beneficiary who is enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B because of a disability and under 65. At the same time, rates for this population are usually quite a bit higher than they are for people who are over 65 and enjoying their Medicare Open Enrollment. When these young, disabled Medicare recipients do turn 65, they can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan at the same prices as other people who have just turned 65.

Using Your Medicare Supplement from Delaware Benefits Outside the State

As a Medicare beneficiary, you can use Original Medicare just about anywhere in the country. You can also use your Delaware Medigap plan to help control the many deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments that Part A and B have all over the United States. In fact, some Medicare Supplement plans even pay up to 80 percent for emergency medical care outside of the country.

Since Medicare Supplement plans do not use networks, you don’t have to worry about finding a network provider in your hometown or when you travel away from home. These benefits may make a Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware a good option for you if you hope to visit family or vacation a lot during your retirement years.

If you do decide to move away from your current home, most insurance companies will let you keep the same coverage. You will need to tell your company that you moved because your rates could change on the date of your next renewal. If you should lose your plan, you should also qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to compare the options in your new city or state.

Delaware Medicare Resources

These authority resources should help you make the best choices about your Medicare benefits: