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Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia

About 300,000 beneficiaries of Original Medicare enhance their coverage with a Medicare Supplement plan in Georgia. This is about 30 percent of the state’s total enrollment. Medicare Supplement plans in Georgia work by paying some or all of the cost sharing that Medicare beneficiaries would have to pay out of their own pockets without other insurance. Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia

Do you want to quickly compare quotes for Medicare Supplement plans? If so, start by selecting “Georgia” from the quote box. In an instant, you can request quotes from top providers. If you need more help, you’re also welcome to look for the toll-free number.

A Snapshot of Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia

There isn’t one best choice for a Medicare Supplement plan. We’ll offer some suggestions, but first, it will probably help to look at some facts about Medicare beneficiaries in the state:

  • Georgia Medicare recipients: About a million
  • Number of Activa Medicare Supplement plans in Georgia: About 300,000
  • Georgia Medicare Advantage members: Almost 500,000

As you can see, about 80 percent of all of the beneficiaries in the state have chosen to enhance their benefits via a replacement plan or a Medicare Supplement plan. It’s likely that most of the rest have some other coverage from their jobs, a union, or a government program.

Almost everybody finds some ways to enhance original Medicare to avoid having to pay a lot of co-pays or deductibles. Medigap plans and Advantage plans work differently, but they both offer a way to help Medicare recipients reduce and control medical costs that aren’t fully covered by Original Medicare.

If you look at certain parts of Georgia, you may find that people make different choices about Medicare insurance. For instance, residents in more populated areas of the state may lean towards MA plans because they have a greater choice of doctors and other network providers. At the same time, people with larger incomes tend to choose Medicare Supplement plans because it can deliver more freedom and flexibility.

These are Georgia’s most populated counties:

  • Fulton County, GA: 1,023,336
  • Gwinnett County, GA: 907,135
  • Cobb County, GA: 748,150
  • DeKalb County, GA: 740,321
  • Chatham County, GA: 289,082

When to Apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan in Georgia?

The primary enrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries is the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, OEP. This is the Guaranteed Enrollment Period that lasts for six months when you first qualify for both Part A and Part B of Original Medicare. During this time, you can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan without having to answer any health questions. Individuals under the age of 65 might also be eligible for the OEP if they’ve been awarded Medicare because they are disabled.

Other opportunities to apply with no health questions:

  • Employer Plan is terminated
  • Private Plan no longer available
  • Certain Trial periods to return from alternative Medicare plans
  • Move outside of current plans service area

Keep in mind, you are free to apply for a Medicare Supplement plan in Georgia even if you do not qualify for one of these enrollment periods.  You might have to answer a few health questions and your acceptance is not Guaranteed.  It’s a good idea to speak with a qualified agent to understand your options.

What to Know About Rate Calculations for Medicare Supplement Plans

These are three ways Medigap plan insurers might assign quotes:

  • Community

    Premiums don’t depend on your age at all but are calculated by using information about your local area.

  • Attained Age

    Your rates will always be based on your present age, so they will increase as you get older.

  • Issue Age

    The cost will also be based on the age you were when you bought the plan, so the younger you were, the less you will pay.

Note that your Medicare Supplement Plan in Georgia can increase your premiums because of inflation or other factors.

In Georgia, Medicare reimbursement costs are a bit lower than the national average. That could mean that rates for Medigap plans are a bit lower than average too.

What Are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia?

We can’t tell you which Medicare Supplement plans are best for everybody; however, we can tell you which ones have proven the most popular and sensible for most folks. This summary provides main differences between popular choices:

  • Plan F

    Still the most commonly chosen of all of the various Medicare Supplement plans in Georgia. It offers every one of the benefits allowed is usually the most expensive. People who buy Plan F would rather just pay their premiums and let insurance companies handle the rest.

  • Plan G

    A way to help people save a bit of money but still get very broad benefits. The only thing it won’t pay for is the modest Medicare Part B deductible. The price difference often makes up for the Part B deductible.

  • Plan N

    Growing in popularity as a budget-friendly option for people who don’t mind some cost sharing. It requires some co-pays and doesn’t pay for bills that are higher than Medicare allows, but the premiums reflect the trade-off of coverage.

Remember that all companies have to give you the same basic benefits for each Medicare Supplement plan. For example, Plan G is the same no matter which company provides it.

If You Buy a Medicare Supplement Plan in Georgia, Where Can You Use it?

The freedom provided by Medicare Supplement plans is their strong suit. These are some examples:

  • What if you move? You should update your address with your insurance company.  Your rates will be updated based on your new zip code. If your plan can’t be transferred, you will have a new Guaranteed Issue Period in your new location.
  • What if you plan to travel around? You have access to nationwide providers that accept Medicare. Also, some Medicare Supplement plans will even help you pay for urgent healthcare outside of the United States. Original Medicare almost never covers care outside of the U.S.

How to Enroll in a Georgia Medicare Supplement Plan

You can use our online system to compare Medicare Supplement plans. To begin, pick “Georgia” from the list of states.

If you’d prefer, you are also welcome to use the toll-free number to call a qualified agent. We have helped many Georgia Medicare beneficiaries compare Medigap Plans over the years, and we are here to work with you too!

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