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Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas

With almost a half-million Medicare recipients, just about one-quarter of a million folks have decided that Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas offer them a good way to control Original Medicare copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

To decide if a Medicare Supplement plan in Kansas will offer you a good choice, read beyond this overview to learn how Medigap plans works in The Sunflower State.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas: Enrollment Statistics

These Kansas Medigap enrollment numbers may help you understand how your fellow beneficiaries are using their own benefits:

  • Total eligible for Original Medicare: Over 425,000
  • Owners of a Medicare Supplement plan in Kansas: Over 224,000
  • Most popular Medigap plan: Plan F has about 175,000 policy owners

This list has the populations of the biggest counties in the state:

  • Johnson County, KS: 584,451
  • Sedgwick County, KS: 511,995
  • Shawnee County, KS: 178,146
  • Wyandotte County, KS: 163,831
  • Douglas County, KS: 119,440

Rate Calculations for a Medicare Supplement Plan in Kansas

The Kansas Insurance Department describes two ways that a Kansas insurance company might calculate rates for a local Medicare Supplement plans:

  • Attained age

    In this case, the insurer will always base their premiums upon your current age, no matter the age you were when you bought your coverage.

  • Issued age

    With issued age, the insurer will base rates upon the age you were when you bought the policy and not your current age.

What’s the difference? You will probably find that most companies offer attained age Medicare Supplement quotes. These could appear a lot cheaper when you are just turning 65. Since these can increase based on your attained age, they may not be cheaper when you live into your seventies or eighties.

What Are The Available Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas?

Like 47 out of the 50 U.S. states, there are 10 Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas that Medicare currently defines for the entire country. These plans all have letter names that range from A through N.

These are some numbers that illustrate how people in Kansas may choose a Medicare Supplement plan:

  • Plan F

    Currently, Plan F has the lion’s share of enrollment.

  • Plan N

    Plan C and N closely tie for second and third.

  • Plan G

    Comes in fourth but is rapidly becoming the favorite for new buyers.

Nationally, plans G and N usually are closely matched in popularity and are also gaining in popularity rapidly. Plan C is usually a bit further down the list. We usually suggest that our clients that are looking for a Medigap plan, look closely at Plans G and N as frugal choices that still offer robust coverage for a Medicare beneficiary.

Will a Medicare Supplement Plan in Kansas Cover Prescriptions?

Neither Original Medicare nor Medicare Supplement plans offer benefits for most prescription drugs. Unless a beneficiary has other insurance for prescriptions, he or she will need to select a Part D plan during the Initial Enrollment Period. In addition, the beneficiary can switch between Part D plans every year during the regular Part D Open Enrollment.

Otherwise, he or she won’t have help paying for most medicines and may suffer from a penalty when enrolling for Part D late.

The Best Time to Compare and Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas

To enroll in a Medicare Supplement, you just have to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. At the same time, you get a Medigap Open Enrollment Period during the first six months you have Part A and B and have already turned 65. This means that you get guaranteed issue rights without worrying about health underwriting at all during this time. If you delay enrollment in Part B because you have other health insurance, you can also delay this Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

Under 65 Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas

The Guaranteed Enrollment Right after age 65 is a federal protection. Kansas adds to this federal position by requiring insurers to accept people under 65; however, they may impose a six-month pre-existing conditions waiver for anybody who doesn’t have credible coverage before enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan. Some insurers may not exercise their right to exclude pre-existing conditions without creditable coverage, so it’s a good idea to speak with an agent if you have concerns.

Other Times Medicare Beneficiaries Can Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas

If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, you can always apply for Medicare Supplement plans. If you lose your old coverage or have moved from another state, you may also get a two-month Election Period to choose another Medicare Supplement as well.

Outside of a Medigap Open Enrollment Period, the insurance company could charge you higher rates or even decline your coverage. That’s why the best time to apply maybe when you’re within your Initial Enrollment Period or a Special Enrollment Period. Again, a licensed Medigap agent can offer you advice that is based on your own unique situation.

Will Your Kansas Medicare Supplement Plan Work Outside of Kansas?

If you hope to travel outside of Kansas during retirement, you should know that your Medigap policies will help cover you anywhere in the United States. You don’t have to worry about networks or geographic restrictions within the country when you have Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas. You can even select a Medicare Supplement plan that will help you pay for urgent care outside of the United States.

If you move outside of the state, you will need to tell your insurer. If you bought a plan from a nationwide company, you can probably transfer it. Your rates could change at your next renewal because they are usually also based on ZIP codes or counties. State and federal laws will also probably offer you a new Election Period of two months when you can select another plan if you lose your current one.

Kansas Medicare Resources

These additional resources can also help you make better decisions about your Medicare Supplement plan in Kanas: