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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan for 2020 – Comparison Chart

To enroll in one of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan for 2020, you need to have Original Medicare — both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B — in place. Some insurers will allow you to apply for their Medicare plans a few months before you take Medicare benefits, so you can make sure you have your Supplemental health care coverage ready in time. Most retirees take both Part A and Part B at age 65, but that’s not always true. For instance, about 19 percent of Michigan’s beneficiaries qualify earlier because of a disability. Some folks delay Part B because they still have other coverage from a job, union, or another source.

Would a Medicare Supplement plan in Michigan help you manage your own Medicare medical costs in 2020? If so, be sure to use our quote form to start your quote online. We also have a toll-free number that can connect you with a qualified Medicare insurance agent. We’ll help you choose your health insurance plans

When to Apply for Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan

The easiest time for most people to apply for one of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan is when you are first eligible for Part A and B of Original Medicare. This is because you get six months of guaranteed enrollment rights for a Medigap policy that begin on the month you first qualify, usually at age 65. This is called an Open Enrollment Period, but it’s different than the period every fall when you can enroll in or switch Part D and or a MA health plan.

You may also qualify for other guaranteed enrollment periods to apply for a Medicare Supplement plan if you move in or out of a plan’s service area, lose current insurance, or for a few other reasons. During that first guaranteed issue period, you can choose any  Medicare Supplement plan in Michigan; however, your choices may be limited during other times. Shopping for your plan options as soon as you can help you maximize your choices and start enjoying the benefits of Medigap insurance right away.

How Rates Calculated for 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan?

Within certain limits, insurers are free to set their premiums. Since all of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan follow standards set by the federal government, you are free to compare quality insurance companies for prices. When you compare quotes, you will want to pay attention to the way that the insurer calculates their premiums:

  • Issue ageThe insurer will offer you an initial premium based on your age at the time of issue. They must always base their rates upon this age, but they may be allowed to increase prices because of inflation and certain other factors.
  • Attained AgeIn this case, the company will base the rates for your Medicare Supplement plan upon your age and can keep increasing rates as you age. These plans will seem cheaper when you are younger, but they may get more expensive later.
  • Community ratingsThese Medigap plans don’t use your age, but they do base their quotes upon a rating for the local community you are in and may be able to increase rates for inflation and other reasons later.

Does Your Hometown Impact Rates For Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan?

Your state, county, and even your local ZIP can affect your rates because the cost of average medical care depends on lots of local factors. You may not know this, but Medicare keeps track of where they spend the most money, and it varies considerably by city or county.

For instance, these three counties were the most expensive in Michigan for average beneficiaries:

  • Macomb County, MI
  • Wayne County, MI
  • Lapper County, MI

If you live in a county where rates are higher for Medicare Supplement insurance plans, you’ll need to shop around to find the best monthly premium. Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare often offer affordable choices. Whether you choose Medigap Plan A, Medigap Plan C, Medigap Plan F or any other plan, we’ll help you shop for the plan that will save you the most on your health care costs.

Medicare Supplement Plan Comparison Chart in Michigan for 2020

We don’t ever suggest that everybody should look into the same plan, and there are generally 10 standardized Medigap plans to consider. On the other hand, we’re here to tell you that the majority of Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan are one of these three. This means that a lot of people consider them to be the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan, use the comparison chart below to learn more:

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart

  • Medicare Supplement Plan F in Michigan

    Traditionally, this has been the most popular of all of the different plans. It covers every one of the benefits allowed for one of these plans. Monthly premiums are usually more expensive, but you don’t have to worry about unexpected out-of-pocket expenses for skilled nursing care in a skilled nursing facility, emergency room visits or doctor’s office visits. Costs are very predictable with these plans. Medigap plan F in Michigan will no longer be available to new Medicare beneficiaries who turn age 65 after 01/01/2020.

  • Medicare Supplement Plan G in Michigan

    Medigap plan G in Michigan is almost like Plan F, but it won’t pay the Part B deductible. Compare the difference in rates against the deductible cost. It might save you money. It offers coverage for many of the things that the federal Medicare program does not cover.

  • Medicare Supplement Plan N in Michigan

    Medicare Supplement plan N in Michigan has more cost-sharing in place, so you may have to pay a copay for doctor’s visits and some trips to the ER. Also, it will not pay if providers charge more than Medicare allows, which means that it does not pay Medicare Part B excess charges.  It will have lower premiums than the 2 options above. You will be responsible for paying for the Medicare Part B deductible yourself.

If you’re unsure of what each plan covers on top of what the U.S. government Medicare program covers, check out this useful Medicare Supplement plan comparison chart for Michigan:

Can My Michigan Medicare Supplement Plans be Used in Another State?

If you hope to travel around for several months of the year, you will probably be happy to learn that most of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan are entirely portable all around the country. Some even offer benefits for urgent medical care in other countries. One of the reasons that many beneficiaries appreciate their Medigap plan is because of its portability.

Note that “Select” plans do use networks and are an exception to this. If you want to save money by choosing Medicare Select, make sure you understand how the network rules work. Also, check reviews to make sure that current members have been happy with their treatment by the network plan.

If you plan to change your home address, you should tell your Medigap plan provider. Your premium might be a little different from your original Medicare Supplement Plan in Michigan as rates are determined by zip code.

No matter which plans you choose or where you are, Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage is not included. You will need to sign up for a prescription drug plan if you want this coverage. Alternatively, you can consider Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) instead of a Supplement if you’re interested in a plan that includes prescription drug coverage.

Brief Stats for Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan

This is a quick snapshot of Michigan Medicare from CMS:

  • Michigan beneficiaries: About 1.8 million
  • Medicare Advantage plans: About 600,000
  • Stand-alone Part D: About 1.1 million

Virtually every beneficiary extends their coverage with private plans or Medicare Supplement plans.

These Michigan counties have the greatest concentration of beneficiaries:

  • Wayne County, MI: 1,749,366
  • Oakland County, MI: 1,243,970
  • Macomb County, MI: 867,730
  • Kent County, MI: 642,173
  • Genesee County, MI: 408,615

In average counties, about 20 to 25 percent of Medicare beneficiaries may choose Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan. Typically, the rate of beneficiaries who choose one of the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan for 2020 over other options tends to be higher in areas that have sparser populations or higher incomes. As you learn more about the way that Medicare Supplement plans work, you will understand why this is true.

How to Buy a Medicare Supplement Plan in Michigan

We give you the chance to compare the best Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan and plan rates online with our handy quote boxes. Get started by selecting Michigan from the drop-down box.  If you’d rather not shop online, you’re also welcome to use the toll-free number to call us. We just want to help you find the best Medicare Supplement plan for your needs and budget.

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Senior Life Insurance Plans is a great resource for Medicare beneficiaries to learn about there options, we also specialize in senior life insurance plans. We help educate Medicare beneficiaries on their Medigap options and help them go through the process of reviewing and comparing plans. We work with most of the nations top-rated Medigap carriers such as AetnaCignaMutual of Omaha and Florida Blue Medicare plans. Give us a call today, or request a quote online to learn more about Aetna Medicare Supplement plan G and Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan G in your state. We educate you on the best Medicare Plans for your situation, then let you decide.

Helpful Resources for Residents Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan

Medicare is a federal program, but some rules vary by state. Also, your state may provide you with resources that will help you with many senior needs. These are some state-based resources that might help you:

You can also check out these federal websites for more information: