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Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota

All Medicare beneficiaries have a variety of options to help reduce Original Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Medicare Supplement plans in North Dakota are even more popular than they are nationwide. To understand why a Medicare beneficiary might choose a Medicare Supplement plan in North Dakota, it will help to consider an overview of the way Medigap plans work in the state.

Enrollment Statistics: Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota

These are some relevant statistics that can help you understand some trends for Medicare beneficiaries in ND:

  • Original Medicare beneficiaries: Over 100,000
  • Medigap plan owners: Almost 50,000
  • Most Popular Medicare Supplement plan in North Dakota: Plan F, with over 44,000 members

This list shows the most populated counties in North Dakota with their population:

  • Cass County, ND: 175,249
  • Burleigh County, ND: 94,487
  • Grand Forks County, ND: 71,083
  • Ward County, ND: 70,210
  • Williams County, ND: 34,337

Rate Calculations for Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota

When you decide to compare Medicare Supplement plans to find the best rates, make sure you understand how an insurance company will use age to determine premiums.

For instance:

  • Attained Age

    Just about 80 percent of your local options are based upon attained age. A Medigap plan that is priced by attained age will appear cheaper for younger people but could increase over time as people age.

  • Issue Age

    About 15 percent of Medicare Supplement plans have their rates based upon issue age, so members may not see such a dramatic difference between their premiums as they age.

  • Community Rated

    Just about five percent of plans are priced by an average age of members in a local area, and these are called community-rated plans.

Based on history, expect rates to rise for any Medicare Supplement plan. Insurers can still increase rates because of inflation and other factors. Besides considering the method that insurers use to price plans, it’s a good idea to check the price stability of any company you might want to do business with.

Which Medicare Supplement Plans in North Dakota Can You Buy?

In this state, you can choose between the 10 standardized plans that Medicare allows. Every Medicare Supplement plan will offer the same essential coverage for things like hospital and outpatient coinsurance; however, most people choose more robust Medicare Supplement plans in North Dakota.

Ranked by popularity, the most common Medigap choices are Plan F, G, C, and N. As a beneficiary, you will need to compare benefits and premiums to figure out which Medicare Supplement plan will serve you best. While Plan F has all of the benefits allowed by Medicare for this kind of plan, Plan N can be a frugal choice for those who still want good coverage don’t mind some cost sharing.

Will a Medicare Supplement Plan in North Dakota Include Prescriptions?

Medicare Supplement plans in any of the 50 states won’t cover prescription drugs very well. Most people who have Medigap also enroll in Part D during their Initial Enrollment Period for Medicare.

This kind of Medicare prescription drug plan will help pay for medicine that you get by prescription from a drugstore, but Medicare Supplement plans don’t. You aren’t required to take your Part D from the same insurance company that you purchased your Medicare Supplement plan from.

When to Enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan in North Dakota?

According to theĀ North Dakota Insurance Department, you can enroll in any Medicare Supplement plans during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This starts when you are at least 65 and have enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.

These are a couple of other things to know:

  • You may also get to delay this Medigap Open Enrollment Period if you delay Part B because you already have health insurance.
  • If you’re relatively healthy for your age, you still may qualify for a Medicare Supplement plan.
  • Some special circumstances may trigger a Special Enrollment Period even after your Initial Enrollment Period.

What if you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B before you turn 65? Some people qualify for Original Medicare when they are younger because of a disability or ESRD. These people won’t get the same Guaranteed Enrollment Period as people who are already 65. Very often, younger folks consider Medicare Advantage instead because Medicare Advantage doesn’t have medical underwriting. Once these people turn 65, they get the same chance for Guaranteed Enrollment as others do.

Can You Use North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plans Anywhere?

If you hope to travel to other cities and states during retirement, you should enjoy the flexibility of Medicare Supplement plans. Like Part A and B, they are accepted almost anywhere in the country. Most are even portable if you decide to move; however, you should tell your insurer about a permanent move. In some cases, your premiums may change when you change addresses.

North Dakota Medicare Resources

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