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Our No Pressure Policy

As an agent, it’s not uncommon to be asked, “Why should I buy this policy from you?” We answer this question proudly because we believe that we approach the sales process much differently than the average insurance agency.

We strive to eliminate the pressure and the sales pitch from the buying process. We do this by training our agents to focus on three specific areas: educating the client, involving family or friends in the process, and encouraging clients to shop our policies.

The first area we target is educating the consumer. We strongly feel that a well-educated client can make the best decision for their specific situation and will be more comfortable with the final outcome. This includes whole life insurance and burial insurance policies as well. We do our best to fully understand the client’s health history, financial status, as well as the purpose for purchasing the senior life insurance policy. Then we can suggest the policies that could potentially be right for the client and educate the client on the different features of the policies.

The second area that sets our agency apart is supporting family involvement. We believe that two sets of ears and eyes are better than one. The family member may bring up questions that the prospective client may not have considered. This creates an additional opportunity for educating the client. Family involvement is also beneficial because it often puts the client at ease knowing that they have someone in their corner who has their best interest in mind.

The third area that sets us apart from other agencies is that we encourage our clients to shop around. This often comes as a shock to our clients. Most agents fear this. However, we believe our clients have been educated properly to decipher the differences between the various policies. We also arm our clients with specific questions to ask each company in order to confirm that they are comparing apples to apples.

If a client finds a policy that they feel could be a better fit, we encourage them to call us back to discuss the details. After closer review, if the policy truly is a comparable option, we are honest and upfront with the client.

By putting the relationship with the prospective client above the sales process, we often receive referrals and callbacks from family and friends. Our philosophy is to do what’s right just because it’s right. Everything else will work itself out.

By focusing on these three areas and training our agents to do likewise, we feel we can create a much more user-friendly buying process. If this approach interests you or if you would like more information on available senior insurance plans, feel free to call us. We are licensed in most states and would be glad to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We look forward to working with you.