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Senior Life Insurance In Florida

Florida is a popular retirement destination and dozens of quality companies offering senior life insurance in Florida who are eager to help you make sure that you can buy proper coverage. These policies can help your family pay for a dignified funeral and other final expenses. In addition to burial costs, your adult children may need to pay off your credit card debt and even enjoy a little money as an inheritance.

If you would like to explore senior life insurance options in Florida for yourself or your elderly parents, take a moment to learn about your options to find affordable policies for older folks from 50 to life insurance for seniors over 80 years old. We offer personalized life insurance quotes. In seconds, you can fill out our online form and see prices in your Florida city.

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Florida Senior Citizen Statistics

These are some surprising facts about senior citizens in Florida:

  • Average FL age of death: 79.4
  • FL population over 65: 18.7%
  • Average FL home value: $170,800
  • Average FL household income: $47,309

In addition, these are the biggest Florida cities with their populations:

  • Jacksonville: 821,784
  • Miami: 399,457
  • Tampa: 335,709
  • Saint Petersburg: 244,769
  • Orlando 238,300

Rates for Senior Life Insurance in Florida

Most families find senior life insurance in Florida surprisingly affordable. Before you get your own custom quote, you might be interested in viewing some sample monthly prices.

These are sample monthly life insurance quotes for a Florida man who is 64 years old and a nonsmoker without a medical exam:

  • $8,000: $39.04
  • $12,000: $57.46
  • $20,000: $94.30

Please note: These sample prices do not reflect any individual’s actual rates. Your own monthly senior life insurance premiums in Florida will depend upon your own health, age, location, and the insurance companies you get rates from. You are welcome to get a custom quote from us.

Types of Senior Life Insurance in Florida

There are three basic types of Florida senior life insurance that you may consider for yourself or for your elderly parents:

  • Term insurance: Older people who enjoy relatively good health may qualify for a term policy for 10 or 20 years. This is usually the cheapest option.
  • Guaranteed acceptance: Probably whole life, these are sometimes also called burial policies, and they don’t require the answers to any health questions or a medical exam.
  • Simplified: Also whole life, these do require the answers to a few questions, but they are less expensive than guaranteed acceptance life insurance and offer immediate death benefits upon the issue and do not require a medical exam.

Which kind of senior life insurance policy in Florida is best for you or your parents? Term will be cheaper, but it does not offer lifetime coverage and can be very expensive at older ages. The two smaller whole life options will provide lifetime coverage. For applicants who do not suffer from any very serious or terminal medical conditions, it is better to qualify by answering a few health questions. That way, you can enjoy an immediate death benefit, with no waiting period, more benefit options, and lower premiums.

Also, you are welcome to assist your parents. However, the person who wants to get covered will need to participate in the application process. In some cases, that person might need to take a telephone interview or sign a few forms. The entire process, from quoting to applying, can all be done from home, online or over the telephone.

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Why guess which life insurance company will offer you the right coverage and lowest prices? It takes a few seconds to compare plans and premiums when you use our quick online life insurance quote form. You can also get more information via email or over the phone.