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Can You Get Life Insurance for Seniors After a Heart Attack?

Suffering from a heart attack is a very serious health incident. However, many seniors recover their health after heart attacks and never suffer another one. If a particular senior had a heart attack more than two years ago and demonstrates a full recovery, it should not be a problem with insurers that have fairly strict underwriting to offer life insurance for a senior after a heart attack. However, a more recent heart attack or other health complications might make senior life insurance options more limited.

Do you need to find life insurance for seniors after a heart attack? If so, you can use our free online senior life insurance quotes to begin comparing the best life insurance companies from your personal computer. All you need to do is enter the home ZIP code to get started. After viewing a list of senior life insurance companies, you are free to click through each entry for more information or call for assistance.

Life Insurance for Seniors after a Heart Attack

These are the big questions about getting life insurance for a senior after a heart attack:

  • Was the heart attack more than a couple of years ago?
  • Are there complications, less than optimal lifestyle choices, or other medical conditions associated with the heart attack?

While cheaper term life insurance for seniors may still be available to some younger senior citizens, in their 60s and even 70s, these policies are likely to have underwriting guidelines that would either decline or charge more for people who have some serious medical conditions to report in the fairly recent past.

A combination of risks can also cause problems. Smokers or very overweight people with a history of serious health issues are likely to get declined or charged more than people who have maintained a healthy lifestyle.

No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors After a Heart Attack

Some insurers offer both term and whole life without a medical exam, but that does not mean that they do not need any health information. The applications may have health questions that have to be answered truthfully. Answers to these health questions might get verified against other information sources or even by a doctor’s statement.

However, some policies are specifically offered for life insurance for seniors after a heart attack. These are usually called senior life or burial insurance policies. Burial insurance for seniors does not have to get purchased just to cover a funeral because the death benefit gets paid in cash to the policy beneficiary or beneficiaries. A beneficiary could use some of the money to pay funeral experiences, but she is free to keep the rest of the money to use as she sees fit.

Facts about comparing burial insurance policies:

  • Some applications do not ask any health questions, and the insurers may even advertise this as a benefit. However, you should expect higher rates and a deferred death benefit for life insurance with no health questions.
  • Typical policy face values range from about $5,000 to $30,000. Before offering a higher amount of coverage, insurers usually want to start asking some questions.
  • Some of these policies charge more for tobacco use, but some just have a standard rate for everybody they accept.

Qualifying for a burial policy that asks a few health questions is really best. Expect lower premiums and an immediate death benefit after passing the health questions. Average seniors who are still fairly active should be able to qualify.

Life insurance policies for seniors after a heart attack do not require the answers to any health questions are called guaranteed acceptance, but they may impose a waiting period between the time the policy is issued and the length of time the insured person has to survive. In some cases, this waiting period is twenty-four to thirty-six months. Before that time passes, the policy may refund premiums or pay a percentage of the full face value.

Guaranteed acceptance senior life insurance might be a good option for seniors who have recently had a heart attack, but many relatively healthy senior citizens can qualify for policies with lower premiums and an immediate death benefit.

Quotes for Life Insurance for Seniors after a Heart Attack

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