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Life Insurance for Seniors with High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol

Do you want to find the best life insurance for seniors with high blood pressure or cholesterol? If so, you can enter your home ZIP code into our online form to compare options.

Note that you can help your parents find coverage, but the insured person does need to get involved in the application process. Very often, their part can be done online or over the phone, so they do not need to leave their house.

Life Insurance for Seniors with High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol

There are some companies who still sell term life insurance to younger seniors, possibly in their 60s to early 70s. However, even no exam life insurance companies may ask a lot of health questions and possibly require a doctor’s statement. People who can demonstrate a good history of controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol, or similar chronic health issues may have a chance to get accepted with reasonable rates.

However, less healthy seniors are likely to get charged more or even declined. Also, a combination of health factors or health factors with some risky lifestyle habits, like smoking, may increase rates or get a policy declined.

The average senior life insurance policy is actually a smaller whole life with a fairly modest face value. Sometimes these are also called burial insurance or final expense insurance, and this is because they are often purchased to provide cash to pay for funerals and other expenses associated with the end of the life. Of course, the policies do pay in cash that beneficiaries are free to use in any way they need to.

Life Insurance for Seniors with High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol – Policy Types

  • Modest face values: From $5,000 to $35,000
  • Length of coverage: These are permanent policies, so they do not expire as long as they get paid for.
  • Burial Insurance Rates: Because the policies are fairly small, rates are affordable for many older people, but smokers are likely to pay more than people who do not use tobacco.

Simplified vs. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

The good news for seniors is that the applications for life insurance for seniors with high blood pressure or cholesterol either ask very few health questions or even no health questions at all. Simplified issue policies may ask a few general questions to weed out only very unhealthy applicants. Guaranteed issue senior life insurance applications ask absolutely not health questions, and the insurers accept every qualified applicant for coverage.

It is better to qualify for a simplified issue policy because rates are cheaper, and they also offer an immediate death benefit. Guaranteed issue senior life insurance policies may impose a waiting limit of 24 to 36 months before they offer the full face value. Before that waiting limit expires, the policies may only pay a percentage of the face value or even just offer to refund any premiums paid.

Get Life Insurance Quotes  for Seniors with High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol

Buying life insurance for yourself or an elderly parent does not have to get complicated. In exchange for entering your ZIP code, we offer life insurance quotes from top local insurers. You can click through for more information, and you are also free to call with your questions. We hope to provide all of our clients with the right online tools and personal assistance to find the right policy at a good price.